PM Nawaz futile visit to US

1378640_572069002865947_995490908_nBy Ahmed Khan

After getting the office of Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif went on visit to US. In history of Pakistan, first time a government completed its term and transferred the power to next. The Pakistan people party government after accomplishment of five years period transferred the government to Pakistan Muslim League-N and this party head Mr. Nawaz Sharif got post of prime minister.

It is obvious that in politics and establishment of Pakistan that is a great deal of America. Pakistan and America are ally states, during the war on terror US declared Pakistan closed Non- NATO ally and conferred many Dollars for fighting as front line state in aforementioned artificial war.

The world when was bye-Polar, then America and Pakistani establishment gave birth to extremist, impetus was to counter Soviet Union. After the disintegration of Social State Bloc the extremists, mean Mujahidin were renamed with Taliban. The Arabs and African also were brought in Pakistan; the rout was FATA for entering in Afghanistan. But after disintegration of Soviet Union these religious elements got spared, even were considered obstacle in the way of interests, consequently the America and its ally Pakistan had decided to dispose-off these and make clear the way to plunder the regional resources.  In the pursuance of same objective they carved drama of 9/11, from where they launched a war “war on terror”.

In 2002, America invaded Afghanistan and dismantled Taliban government which has got status fifth province of Pakistan. America killed and arrested those Arabs to whom she brought in Soviet era. Pakistan first was financed to prepare the Mujahidin and it earned many Dollars and now it for diminishing of extremist {former Mujahidin} once again received a huge amount of Dollars. In the preparation and diminishing the establishments a fraction which is religious played main role. The discussed fraction penetrated in Taliban and Mujahidin’s rows to instruct them in favor of state and these unpaid to fighters use for establishment.

The religious section of establishment uses people in Kashmir, Afghanistan and against other antagonistic states but never did against China, to gain the desirous objectives. This religion tool is much helpful for Pakistan and it is also an asset of state. The Pakistani administrated area FATA has been used for bolstering such elements. America with collaboration of Pakistan, by its sophisticated Drone technology defeated Al-Qeade on the land of FATA and she further wants the elimination of Taliban and Jihadist which is not acceptable to Pakistani establishment, because if these militants groups would be removed then America and India will business in region, specifically in Afghanistan and they both states get attractive recourse to dominate on this regional politics, too. Such narrated conditions aren’t digestible to Pakistan and China, hence they strive to create law and order problem as building pressure on rivals by religious elements, who are motivated by establishment’s religious fraction to fight is holy war or Jihad, without disbursements merely supply of the weapons.

America is continuing Drone attacks on militants in Pakistani bolstering or catering point FATA. Where including bad Talban the good Talban are being targeted which is not affordable to Pakistan. Resultantly, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif urged for suspension of Drone strikes with meeting president Obama. The American president categorically declined the demand of Nawaz Sharif and said that militancy must be curbed; otherwise they have only option to counter them.

America is intended to get hired the Pakistani Army for its interests in Afghanistan after withdrawal of NATO force at the end of 2014, but India and Northern Alliance never endorse this. In region another power in shape of Baloch insurgency also has emerged and also ceased a stake in regional affairs. And this, emerged force never accepts Pakistani influence on Afghanistan.

The ground realities implying Mr Nawaz Sharif visit of America was purposeless, the Pakistani authorities will try to evacuate the good Talban from FATA and let less important militants to be targeted by Drone.

Establishment will cater these good Talban and use on a proper time, possible to use these in Balochistan and Sindh against nationalists. On the other hand America will continue Drone strikes without caring of Pakistani authorities statements of violation of sovereignty and dignity of state. Here Pakistan is bewildering that it should keep continue the series of getting Dollars or discards its main belief the religion from sate business, which is also providing it oxygen for survival. Now authorities trapped in cul-de-Sac that what to do.


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