VBMP long-march to Karachi

Bolan voice report

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) has been protesting for long time for safe1459906_425189584248465_304631250_n release of Baloch political workers who have gone missing, after 2002, an incepted insurgency in Balochistan and after that abducting series also commenced. Following to Akbar Khan Bugti martyrdom, in 2006 the pace of this abducting Baloch series was speeded-up in the regime of Dictator Pervez Musharraf. Thousands Baloch were abducted and many of them were killed brutally and mutilated bodies were thrown in barren areas and towns of Balochistan. The relatives of these missing attempts for safe release of their beloved ones have formed an organization “Voice for Baloch Missing Persons”, which is protesting in different ways, and this organization has launched a token hunger strike camp in front of Quetta before years.

Voice for Missing Persons (VBMP) time to time shifted its protest camp to Karachi and Islamabad but their all efforts have gone futile. On 27th November 2013, the organization VBMP during a press conference announced for a long-march to Karachi with hears of these missing Persons. Vice Chairman Qadir Baloch said that after taking the power this present democratic government the series of abducting and throwing of mutilated bodies has been escalated and hundreds of Baloch have been abducted, similarly dozens mutilated bodies have been found.

Voice chairman Qadeer Baloch said the state authorities have turned senseless toward missing persons issue and judiciary also could not recover theirs endears. Chief Justice gave several times directives but none of them have been implemented on ground.

Consequently, they are forced to intensify their protest and going to launch a Long-March from Quetta to Karachi. This extreme step means to attain the attention of national and international organizations for playing their due role about safe release of Missing Baloch. Qadeer Baloch said that on the way to Karachi if they were harmed or threatened then Chief Minister will be responsible for this. In such case the F.I.R to be lodged against Chief Minister.

On 27th November 2014 organization Voice for Baloch Missing Persons kicked-off its march to Karachi. They initiated the Long March from Quetta Press club in shape of a really and number of people including female and children were participating in it. The protesters were holding photos of their missing relatives and play-cards for inscribed with demand for safe release of Missing Balochs. Frist day of March they reached till custom outskirt of Quetta.

The second day of March Qadeer Baloch and Farzana Majeed Baloch sister of Zakirvbmp-lm-9-day Majeed Baloch had left Quetta to Mastung with other participants of Long March. They have been leading the citizens to whom pain of theirs beloved compelled of long march expanding on 730 Km. The second day of march troubled enough to protestors that blister emerged on their feet due to whole day walking on bleak and stony ground. Their resolute had got strengthened due to practical feel of pain and hardships. Farzana Majeed talking with BBC told that journeys difficulties stimulated them that how endears are suffering. While arriving Mastung a great number of town people received them with deep emotions.

On the subsequent day a large number of Mastung citizens traveled with Long March protesters as showing solidarity and concerns. After whole traveling as padest the March participants reached to Kadkucha, the home town of Martyred Sangat Sana Baloch, where they were ovationed excellently. The participant got motivated as compare to passed day. Similarly, the Long March crossed from Mungchar and Kalat cities. But Kalat reception of March was marvels, where great number of females welcomed them and after station of night, on next morning joined March till a long distance. The supportive acts energized to Mama Qadeer and Farzana Majeed the leaders of historical Long March including other participants.

After covering the half of destination the participant of Long March were asked by BBC that have any state authority has contacted for diminishing their grieves, so they informed that no one has contacted them. The daughter of missing Dr Din Muhammad Baloch said that no authority has contacted to them and theirs march totally is being ignored by local media. The news channels and main newspaper which publish from Balochistan even didn’t give required coverage’s the reason is that they are Baloch and raising voice for Baloch Nation.

Mama Qadeer talking with BBC told that near Kuzdar in Baghbana area some rouges lampooned at them and dishonored to female participants of March. Because of this incident by alleged “death Squad” people the protesters of long March couldn’t stay in Baghbana and they were forced to leave area, hence they also travelled in night to Kuzdar. When he was asked that who were they “death squad persons”, so he replied that they are in journey but coming days he will clear all.

Ahead from Khuzdar the long March got well response and in Wadh area prominent Baloch Nationalist leader Akhter Mengal joined march and till five kilometers travelled with them. Onward in Lasbella, Hub, and other towns march was welcomed warmly by area people.

It is bizarre that Baloch community is under prosecutions and adopted ultimate manner of protest, mean a long March included women it of 730 kilometer prolong to Karachi. It is saddening that Human Rights Organization international and national based closed their eyes toward Baloch Missing Persons. The United nation is silent on Killing and dumping of Baloch, even haven’t took any notice and keeping quiet about catastrophe of Baloch Missing persons issue, even the Long March of VBMP rouse  affect them to take action against state Pakistan atrocities. The rulers claim for being democratic and civilized but they are turned senseless about shocking problem of mutilated bodies of Baloch and missing for years. Present chief justice and Pakistani judiciary is famous for taking Sue Moto action notice on minor things but it has muzzled about Long March of Voice for the Baloch Missing persons.


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