Volcano is the opening in the earth crust with tube leading to the magma or molten rocks inside the earth.  Furthermore, there are three types of it, Plateau or Lava volcano, volcanic cone, and composite. The temperature in here is very high that’s why magma is found here. Magma is made by molten rocks and stones.

There are many kinds of holes which surround complete world. This can also be said as to be a network of channels. Magma flows in these channels. These channels also flow under several mountains of the world. And these mountains have open space in them. These spaces are filled with magma as it passes from it.

Eventually, the pressure and heat increases in it and at last a huge blast occurs. The magma comes and from the mountain so this magma is called Lava and when it comes out from the mountain is called volcano.

The Lava which comes out from the volcano is very hot and gets very hard, as hard as rock, later on it cools down due to plasma it boiling point decreases when it comes out from the volcano, and plasma is a type of matter.

Moreover, when lava falls in a place with lots of trees around it, mixes with the mud and forms a type of fertilizer which is helpful for the plants to grow.

Some volcanoes erupt with violent explosions that release huge amount of ash, gas and lava. These eruptions pose a great danger to people living nearby other volcanoes erupt with less force and sent lava flowing quietly dawn the mountain side. There is no doubt that it is very dangerous and it can also destroy everything. Likewise, in AD 79 the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy which killed about 2,000 people. And mostly volcano can be in cold places such as in Japan, Kashmir, Quetta, Italy and many more.

Besides this, Crater Lake, first it was a mountain and it is in center of the water. Crater Lake is in southern Oregon. From 7.700 years ago when a volcano named mount magma erupted and collapsed the lake formed in the crater left by the explosion and it is the deepest lake in the United States. And also in Italy 10,000 years ago one mountain blasted 79 cities it destroyed and almost 15, 00 people were died.

Sanam Qaboos, Turbat


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