Where is justice?

By Sabina Khosa Baloch

 Dr Aafia Siddiqui a great name, Pakistani Neurologist and mother of three children stand trial in New York for attempted murder of an American soldier in Afghanistan. But shadowy question about her life remained unanswered that,

Is she innocent keeping in concerns the allegation of the murder?

Is the assertion based on her links with Al -Qaeda are true?

Anyway there lots of question rise in every mind In favor of Aafia Pakistani NGO’s and political parties nationally scaleeven also on international level people protest held various sorts of programs to give wings this human right violation.

It is a good raised voice against injustice but here I am being plunged into worries about our motherland Balochistan and its affected people. The latest burning issue “Missing Persons” which is being ignored to give coverage even in media Like Dr Aafia Siddiqui there are two other cases.

The one very appalling case regards with Zarina Marri and the other with Dr Shazia Khalid, but majority of Pakistanis even don’t know their names and inhuman behaviors, violation and the ways they have been treated.  Dr Aafia is an enough figure in Pakistan on the behalf of which Taliban’s are demanding her release from the US. There occurred such other  two cases in 2005 from which one regards with Zarina Marri, similar to the case of Aafia Siddiqui in relation to abduction, rape and torture allegation, was abducted by Pakistani army from Balochistan in 2005 and in behind to be kept in an army torture cell in Karachi. At that time she was 23 years young where some evidences came into disclosure that a missing person after discharge from the establishment detention has witnessed a woman has been brought in front of him to be raped and inhumanely be treated with saying no resulted to an abuse or anguish, admitted by human rights organizations and Baloch political parties and other activists.

And the second, Dr Shazia Khalid a medical doctor and employee of Pakistan petroleum limited one who was used to take of fragrant woman of army personnel wives there in Dera Bugti who was not baloch in nature and blood but brutally beaten and raped by an army officer namely captain Hammad at Sui hospital Balochistan. She doesn’t allowed by Pakistani Army to contact her family and the officials transferred her to a psychiatric hospital in Karachi.

Later on, she was put under the house arrest and was not allowed to consult with the lawyer, doctor and human right officials of her …….

Eventually, to keep the secrets of harassment and inhuman act the concerned authority promptly swap off the tragedy to keep the atrocity act in confidences let her go abroad with her family.  She in an interview with BBC told that she has been treated in a way that is cold-hearted beyond the expectations.

Alas! Few question come to my mind when I have gone through these horrible stories of the women.

Why Zarina Marri and Shazia Khalid like Aafia not being called the daughters of nation? Even the people don’t know their names.

Are they not equal with Malala Yousafzai in gender base?

Why any political party couldn’t raise their voice in favor of these ladies?

Why Pakistani media not airing to these situations?

Even though, they are the parts of our society we can condemn the coward act of Taliban attack the abductions of Zarina MArri , harassment of Shazia Khalid and the confinement  act of Dr Afia Siddidue who were school teacher , lady doctor and doctor respectively. Many Malala can be boosted of by a single teacher like Zarina MArri who is being very deaf ear and still in custody of establishment.

Why there is not a single page of Zarina and Shazia on social media?

From the above discussion and my little bit efforts this is cleared that the main reason of these situation is that, in Aafia’s case US military are involved but in Zarina Marri’s and Shazia Khalid’s case lips are silent.

As being a girl I feel it like a heaven on my shoulders which compelling me to rise a single finger in favor of those effected woman in order to cry in wilderness.


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