You are a Baloch?

By Banuk Mahzaib

It was the early morning I woke up at six 6am but before going outside to breath the fresh air of morning in the images (3)home boundary I got a SMS from a friend at seeing the mobile vibrating on the corner of my bed my body start trembling thinking it would a horrendous massage coming at the time people getting up for prayer owing to the soliloquy of a little moment my eyes become full of tears which initiated drooping out gradually in the cause of this conundrum I tried to move ahead and to see the massage has been sent to me but my heart was not wanting to move towards it because it was seeming a red alarming as i kept it in mind. After giving consolidation to myself I moved to see the text in which it was written the entire place where the works for the victims of earthquake were being carried has been siege by the army troops and while area is under the control of them every corner of the area the sounds of firing rockets being heard and the mortar are as well. The area is under the siege and people are trying to go away in order to save their lives and raising their hands to call Almighty Allah for assistance. As they were saying our fathers, brothers, including other family members after hearing the news an operation being launched over here have gone to relatives home very far and now this is the situation on the days of sacrifice (Sunnt-e-Abrahimi).

 It was Exactly the day next to which was Eid-ul-Azaha, the inhabitants were already in dilemma owing to massive lose, they were almost perplexed as most affective families were worried and mourning their lost and undoubtedly thinking how to reconstruct their homes and regain the lives.

Before some days we were sent by a local welfare trust to arrange a survey and help the victims of this disaster when accidentally have gotten a chance to go towards Mashkay and as well have to launch a survey program in order to collect some data regarding elastration of locals so after reaching into the territory of it we have been called by a sincere member of BNM who was welcoming us and saying with full surety that we are save and don’t be thinking anything will dangerous happen with us. While journeying we have been asked a lot of questions that where we are going? What is the name of our organization, its head, its purpose and its registration and many more…?

After answering those questions and showing our cards we have been left and saying take care of you the insecurity problem is appalling and the Baloch militants are killing the NGOs personnel coming abroad and it would be better not to go there…. Our officer kept a smiling on his face and called the driver to move ahead

Sir, as keeping the situations on screen are we not in randy days, a friend of us asked.

We have pledged to work by heart and soul and it does not matter how the situations there are, while our responsibility is to help the victims at any cost and this will become disclose in front us when we reach at the peak of our journey…

After 3 hours from Awaran we reached in Mashky seeing the destroyed homes our hearts gotten frail and body sluggish going towards the relief camp we have been welcomed by the General security of BNM and other activists of BSO-Azad seeing the relief amenities conducted by those independent organizations in a glowing manner. They were following the ways through thick and thin and the carrying on the relief works and updated us what to be done and called on in the most affected area. as surveying the area and asking some questions to victim we have been responded the trucks are coming from suburbs area especially from Quetta Kuzdar and Karachi in dozens number but being halt at the posts of the main camp of army where people don’t want to go even through at any cast.

They told, they are happy of this in such narrow situations being helped by the Baloch brothers. Observing the feelings of inhabitants we have come to conclusions that the victims are not being retorted in a way the victims of 2005 and 2008 had responded.

We saw many loaded trucks standing over there in Army camp while passing very near from it. Why these trucks are being taken into cordon of army where the citizens are in need of aids indeed. At the same moment I promptly started soliloquizing with myself that in such situations being in dangerous and fear.

On the way to Mashkay we have been frightened that Baloch Rebellion may not allow us to enter into it or kill us but these conspiracies were not to let us go there and help the victim. We meet with many family Members who are affected, in the areas of Koch, Khalid Abad, Ghajjar and Nokjjo.

There seeing the very vulnerable situations of their adjustment, accommodations and taking their lunches we have fully got perplexed at that where a child came to me and asked me didn’t I see her Mom in Awaran ….. And I kept my hand on his head and replied I am your Mom, what you need…. what for she is asking like this. I asked someone standing over there…. He replied me Mom passed away in the same disaster so I have consolidated has that her Mom has went Awaran for a training… my tears started to drop out and my face get red I went towards the vehicle and wept a lot.

Baloch’s are being deprived deliberately and being kept in the claws of backwardness which is a gigantic human Right violation in the world I have ever understood.


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