A ghost University

By Haq Nawaz Baloch

Teacher is considered as  an integral part of education who gives his service for the improvement of future’s 362293-protest-1334002663-164-640x480generation without any lust for financial gains. Teacher is a social instrument through which students can achieve their destiny. Also education can play an important role in political stability, economic prosperity and social change. And it can open the horizons of minds to perceive things in different dimensions.

According to Professor Martin Dwavkin, “education is most favorable tool for survival which guards man in every sphere of life,”

But the situation is quite different in Balochistan University. The all sphere of university of Balochistan [UOB] is showing a bad picture, especially for its survival.

The UOB is considered the University where the poor students come for acquiring higher education. But, unfortunately, the purpose of higher education has become a joke due to continuous boycotting of academic staff and student organizations. Couple of years the condition of maximum class rooms are manifesting ghost class rooms. Majority of lecturers and professor are indulge in politics rather than building up the mind of the new generation. I don’t mean all lecturers are absence in their duties, and a few of them are sincere and want to teaching. On the other hand, the pressure groups are lazy, untalented and dull. They cannot convey their ideas to students. Many time they scold students that why intelligent students ask many questions?

Generally talking, there are manifest evidence of the existence of political interest among the lectures and university employees through their unions. Lectures and employees are going to become a strong element of political system and have increasing involment in political activities like taking part in strikes, especially for higher salaries, job securities and legislative amendments and development under the flag of academic staff and legislative amendments and development under the flag of academic staff and labor union. For fulfilling their demand, they do illegal demands. The self-development lobby is strong enough to protect them from any management action. In this way the political strength among lectures and professors vin academic staff Labors unions and pressure groups play an effective role for their well-groomed carrier, brought future and job security which appears as loss for poor students in currents schooling system.

Balochistan University during the time of former vice chancellor (Agah Gul) was touching the glorious movements of learning’s and disciplines. Nobody had dared to do heinous deeds in University, the student’s classes were punctual, the employers were present in their duties.

Now the condition is totally different the corrupt administration has spoiled the system. The foreign and national Universities are breaking the each kind of records of achievements, their lecturers and students are discovering and inventing the new theories and innovations.

Sadly, the students of Balochistan don’t like to continue study in Balochistan University Parents preface their children to acquire education to other provinces. Even though, the officials of University send their children in Punjab, Sindh and KP. The ruling government is calming to change the destiny of province by education. Unfortunately, they couldn’t change the condition of single university. How can they change the condition of far and plunge educational institutions rural becomes Balochistan?

It high responsibility of HEC, provincial and federal government to take some effective steps against those blacksheeps who are not dutiful. The educational process of single university, where majority students belong to poor families and backwards areas.

The federal government must provide us such kinds of allowance to the lecturers and employees of UOB, as the other university employees and professor have. The ruining government along with the chief Minister and governor should put aside of students organizations from educational institutions. Unfortunately, both stake holders have student’s organizations in the University of Balochistan. Who can hear us, who can change the condition of education in UOB…?


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