A vain agreement between US and Iran on nuclear program

By Ahmed Khan

The recent wave of alterations in Meddle-East is artificial and is being derived by America to provide succor to her iran us nuclearally states, particularly it’s supported by Saudi Arabia and Israel. Through designed scheme they will destabilize to stats and theirs army power or scatter. Resultantly, Imperialist for a long time will not let them for being able to resist or halt the way of looting to resources.

Iraq, Libya and Egypt have been conquered or shaped as desirous. Syria is almost to be done where fighting is going on and will end on such upshot that an obedient regime of America takes place. The Lebanon is on the verge to be pushed in chaos and forged into as desired object. Now is remaining the turn of Iran and Pakistan. The discussed states own atomic power. Pakistan has developed its atomic technology and also tested nuclear weapon in 1998. But Iran is developing its nuclear technology and enrichment of uranium hasn’t reached a level that bombs be manufactured.

The best ally of America in world the Israel will never tolerate that her antagonist Iran get nuclear power. Because Iranian leaders on several occasions gestured that they even don’t bear the existence of Israel on this glob and they will wipe-out entity of Israel. Similarly, Israel owns reciprocate intentions for Iran and other Shia organizations.

The Saudi Arabia is second staunch ally of America in Middle after Israel. Saudi Arabia is being ruled by Wahabi monarchs, whist Iran is a Shia theologians state, these both dogmas has conflictions from very first day of Messengers departure, certainly  between both of them one state takes side of America and antagonizes to other, so it most probable that superpower will prey  Iran, and then they will deal with Pakistan, too.

On initial stage of game, on 8th December, 2013, in Geneva between Iran and America reached an agreement about Iranian nuclear program. Iran had brewed its nuclear technology 11 years before and ever stated that her uranium enrichment mean is for power station not manufacturing of weapons. But Israel and Saudi Arabia never seemed agreed to accept this stance of Iran. Now Iran agreed to curb some of its nuclear activities in return for about $ 7 billion in sanction relief. And Tehran agreed to stop all enrichment above 5%. The deal reached in Geneva will last for six month, while a permanent agreement and technical point’s agreement is sought.

 The main points of agreement are as following that. Iran will stop enrichment of uranium beyond 5% and “neutralize” its stockpile of uranium enriched beyond this point.

Iran will give greater access to inspectors including daily access at the Natang and Fardo nuclear sites.

There will be no further development of the Arak plant which it is believed could produce plutonium. In return, there will be no new nuclear-related sanctions for Iran will also receive sanction relief worth about $ 7 billion on sectors including precious metals.

 If Iran accepts and implements above mentioned points on its country, hence history of America entails that she will not stand within accorded limits, but she will wholly dismantle Iranian nuclear program, even disperse this country’s army and bring a stooge regime in power, which will be like Iraqi and Afghani leadership who are totally in control of America.

On the other hand, Israel and Saudi Arabia never let America to give relief Iran or give any concession is sanctions imposed on it. Israeli Prime Minister Benjanim Netanyahu declared this agreement “historic mistake”. No doubt without consent of Israel the America never will take any step but for betrayal may they do only to show off. After Iran, it is possible Pakistan be prey of America and its allies, because this country is holding atomic technology and a disciplined army. Pakistan and India have long history of rivalry. India is a good ally state of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia, too. America will use India against China for securing interests in Afghanistan and Central Asia. But Israel has most antagonistic against Iran more than to Pakistan, hence it may be next. But one thing is clear that nuclear deal with Iran is vain, is relevant and seems not durable.


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