Balach Marri: Baloch legend Che Guera

By Wahid Baksh Baloch

After review of history’s revolution chapter, we come to know about brilliant revolutionaries, like Che Guevra, balachHochi Minth, Baghat Singh and others who deserve the great tributes for their upright deeds. The revolutionary movements were stirred and accomplished by endeavors of discussed personalities. A person of Kohistan Marri was deeply impressed from aforementioned revolutionaries, and he stood against unjust and occupation of his land; similarly, he fought guerilla war against occupant; eventually he embraced martyrdom and got title of “Shaheed-e-Inqlab”, “Martyr of revolution”. That man wearing Balochi turban, hanging water-port with his shoulder, gun in his hands and other needed things of guerilla warfare had combated the rival, manly. That red-eyes man got symbol of freedom. These outstanding qualities owning person is Balach Marri. Balach’s life and role in movement is like modle among pro-independent people of world, especially running in veins of Baloch movement workers and providing them energy and strengthening their resolute.

Martyr Balach Marri struggle roused Baloch Nation from dormancy of slavery, hence today nation is engaged in freedom movement throughout Balochistan. The martyred leader was determined that they will not let weakened the movement until achieve the destination of freedom, whether how much bloodshed or difficulties they face, theirs way be prolonged and excruciated.

Balach’s freedom war is stretching on 65 years and it will have an impact on entire Asian region including all this territory due to innumerable sacrifices of Baloch. Baloch war is not based on emotions but pragmatically is on humanism and meets the constitutional criteria. The rival has caused loss of Baloch national conscious, education, civilization and language, but contrary to this Baloch Nation has ever paid sacrifices and series of sacrifices is continuing, constantly. Baloch youth will never exhaust and bow their heads against tyrannies. Baloch will continue struggle till emancipation of mother land. It is maxum of Balach Marri, “We never take rest and capitulate unless world recognize Balochistan’s independent status”.

The martyred commander Balach Marri once said that we mustn’t waste our energies in criticizing and nagging to each other but we have to utilize our wisdom to make intellectualized decisions on political ground and edify the nation as mentality pro-independent. History is witness that those nations which preferred death on enslaved lives, mostly had succeeded in changing their fate and got the status of independent nation. Enslaved nation can get freedom but mentally enslaved never can think about deliverance.

Martyred of revolution Balach Marri was born, on 17th  January, 1966, at Khair Bakhsh Marri house in Kohlu. He was on third position among six sons of Khair Bukhsh Marri. He had got basic education from a grammar school of Quetta, and for higher education he went to Moscow, where the legend Che Guevra of Baloch had got master degree in Engineering and Journalism.

From childhood, Balach Marri would consider Lenen, Mao-s-Tung and Che Guera as liberators of human and ever was the pupil of the renewed nationalist leader Khair Bakhsh Marri. On an occasion, Khair Bakhsh Marri said that he attributed his son’s name with Balach Gorgage a guerilla fighter. Balach Marri also as desire of his father relinquished all the amenities of life and fought against occupant and inflicted her in great loss. Balach would advise his comrades that attack on enemy and also dismantle the valuable installations of rival on Baloch land. Opponent was extremely frightened from Balach and on several occasions claimed for his martyrdom which were subsequently refuted.

Eventually, on 20th November, 2007, the martyrdom news of Balach Marri was announced by Baloch Liberation Army and Baloch legend Che Guevra martyrdom news was confirmed by his elder brother Gazine Marri afterward, too. According to published reports in newspapers, “Balach Marri during a clash with Pakistani forces in Sarlath, (a boarding area between Balochistan and Afghanistan) had got injured critically and were shifted to an Italian hospital in Helmand by his comrades, but where he couldn’t recover and embraced martyrdom.” Balach got disjointed from Baloch Nation physically but his thoughts and philosophy is leading Baloch Nation even now.


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