Local body elections or merely eyes wash

By Shehzad Baloch

How this state was erected and which motivation carved it’s boundaries and system, are totally averse to 203963_65156579democracy and human liberty. Mechanism of state formation and territory manifest the ill-intention of contemporary imperialist that this region people remain like slaves and ever be used for interests of her. It is perceptible that if any system let be implemented fairly on true basis, then human gets equal and parity ranks in routine life which is not accepted to imperialist or master of these state authorities.

Here some people claim for being independent in their affairs, which is untrue. The politician and operating hands to system are local but these are confined in a circle and never can cross the defined limitations which demarcated by their master. If anyone had defianced, so that person didn’t let rule and consequently, had faced ultimate results, on some occassion some people let progress personally but system never let be replaced. This claim is false and natural things have not evaluated here.

Paradoxically, politics in Pakistan is business and earning source and keeping domination on majority of masses. The established parties have roots in establishment, mean army, or establishment has control on parties but one thing is clear that these both are subdued by imperialist. These parties don’t have democratic structure in its entities, so how these can give birth to democratic norms or rule of people in state? These independence claims are totally baseless, and for real democracy or any other fair system need a fair and a natural state.

In Balochistan, on 7th December local body elections held. As usual public candidates couldn’t be seen participating in these. The people, who were contesting were sub-ordinate of state businessing parties, like Balochistan National Party (BNP), National Party (NP), Balochistan National Party-Awami (BNP-A), People Party (PP), Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and others.

Aforementioned parties totally lacks characteristic to serve masses, develop human civilization and thrive justice based system in this state. These discussed parties are enjoying rule on state turn by turn since 65 years, but here’s masses life standard instead of improving is deteriorating. And now situations are touching that stage that people’s power of labor reached its last level to provide more these parties and their protector army. Mentioned business firms or parties by hired agents participated in local body elections but the masses of Balochistan as precedent general elections rejected these, too. In Awaran, voting was not observed at all, in Mekuran rarely voting was witnessed but majority had sidelined form this fake system of slavery.

In Jalwan and Sarwan, due to tribal system people were brought to polling stations because of tribal norms respect, but they didn’t have any interest in voting or they were seeking any change by this process, they were well aware that a tiny change will not take place by theirs vote. Even all these efforts by mentioned parties, the ratio of voting was alarmingly low but state by help of its media eye-washed the world or merely practiced a formality.

In Balochistan, especially in Baloch areas the mean of the local bodies to bring hired people and through these get information about Baloch Secessionist Movement at root level and counter it, which isn’t complying with ongoing unjust and slavery of imperialist by here’s business firms or parties. These discussed parties already are engaged in suppressing the cry of innocent and righteous people.

Balochistan Election Commission announced result, in that it mentioned the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl clinched 964 seats, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party 765, National Party 562 and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz 472 seats in the elections for local bodies held last week.

“We have received results from all districts and according to final and official results, the JUI-F won 964 seats, PkMAP 765, NP 562 and PML-N 472 seats,” Syed Sultan Bayazeed said, adding that all results were compiled in a transparent manner.

He said local bodies elections could not be held in three districts — Harnai, Turbat and Awaran – because of law and order situation as well as some other reasons.

The provincial election commissioner said that local government elections were held for 4,036 seats on Dec 7, including 472 seats of district councils, 772 of metropolitan, municipal corporations and municipal committees and 2,842 seats of union councils.

Giving details of results of local bodies’ elections in the provincial capital Quetta, he said that 21 seats out of 58 of the Metropolitan Quetta were won by independent candidates while PkMAP bagged 18 seats, PML-N 5 seats, Hazara Democratic Party 3 seats, BNP-M 3 seats, Tehreek-i-Insaf 3 seats, National Party 2 seats, Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen 1 seat, JUI-F 1 seat and JUI-N 1 seat.

“Two-hundred-eighty-four candidates were elected unopposed on seats of municipal corporations and municipal committees while 2,120 candidates were elected unopposed on union councils’ seats in different districts,” he said.

He said that local bodies’ elections were yet to be held on 34 vacant seats of municipal corporations and municipal committees and 511 seats of union councils.

He said that election for mayor, deputy mayor, chairman and vice chairman would be held after elections were held for seats reserved for minorities, women, labours and peasants.

“Thirty-three per cent seats of the total seats in all local bodies’ institutions have been reserved for women and five per cent each for farmers, labourers and minorities, respectively,” Mr Bayazeed said, adding that councillors to be elected on reserved seats would be eligible to vote for mayor, deputy mayor, chairman and vice chairman. He said 2,330 seats were reserved for women and 744 each for farmers, labourers and minorities.

The local bodies election earliest conducted in Balochistan and above mentioned reasons are behind these. The chief Miner claims are hollow and no change will take place by these. History is witness that in past local bodies or city governments system was applied but other institutes in this state machinery continued corruption, hence never sooth could provide to public. Reason is same that base is faulty, the authorities and manner of work was controlled by same power mean imperialist and its agents.

After 2000 decade, in Balochistan a movement flourished in reaction of constant state and system failure. The revolution mindset stood in front of misdeeds and just, as them revolutionary symbol Che Guevera said, “The Unjust and oppression become the law of an area, there animation of revolutionaries is certain to combat wrongful and give deliveries to subjugated masses.”

In Balochistan, birth of Baloch Movement is reflection of committed misdeeds, which will last on a fair system. The election of local body and other similar things never can be alternative of independence and revolution. It is easy to be grasped that local bodies mean to continuance of countering to revolution and prolonging the age of cruel system.

It was observed that at the initial stage, mean counting time the information of process and about candidates were provided to security forces! FC and Police were as parallel to election management authorities. The elected people already were sub-ordinate of those people who are working with state establishment and submitted in front of them that do right or wrong their support is with them. The selected or elected people will be controlled even pushed to confront the revolutionaries. Here it is also apparent that revolutionaries are also mindful and are studying modern knowledge and variation of time. Most important thing is this they are on truth and truth can never be defeated even by local bodies system.


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