New Chief Minister and Chief of Army; Old Games of Balochistan

By Raza Baloch

It goes without saying that when a nation is slaved than that ought to not have any good prospect from the new cheifoccupant. Because occupying itself is a massive transgression after this what should be else to be well again? The same issue is going on with Baloch nation and they are not having any kind of good potentials from the occupant [Pakistan]. In Pakistan each person hates Baloch nation and Balochistan, but only some of them (simply establishment of Pakistan) have the power to violent the Baloch nation and they are expressing their brutality in a good way. Moreover; it is the reason that, since Balochistan is captured, the Baloch nation is struggling for getting their right [independence].

When Raheel Sharif became the new chief of army, most of the people (Corrupt masses of Balochistan) were happy that know the condition of Balochistan is going to be better. . . Though an ordinary person is in the know, Baloch nation will not negotiate with the Pakistan without freedom. When we judge the current situations of Balochistan same matters (abducting, throwing disfigured corpses, operations and etc) are going on. One and all can give the in progress example of an operation, which is being done in Awaran. Furthermore; since the Army entered in Awaran the operation is continued. It is a hurting fact that the Awaranies, whose homes are shattered by the dint of a massive earth quick, are facing bloody operation now. Now here it must be in your minds that what the hell is being good by the new chief of army [Raheel Sharif] . . . Moreover; when the Raheel Sharif became the new Chief of Army than he with Doctor Abdul Malik proudly said that they were going to make better the condition of Balochistan, but every one in the know.

Raheel Sharif himself said;” without Baloch-istan, Pakistan is curtailed and I will solve the entire problems of Balochistan soon.” Here I think his sentence has cleared the state of his mind that he will act the same actions, which were acted in the rule of R. General Parveez Kiyani’s. What was done in R. General Parveez Kiyani’s time isn’t hide to anyone. In the consequence, today most of the Baloch are pro-independence by the dint of facing a lot of biases from the occupant and I am wholly persuaded that the days are not far-flung that all and sundry will be combating with the malevolent occupant on their own motherland [Balochistan].

In the same time if we put a glance to the pledges of the Chief Minister of Balochistan he also hadn’t left himself behind by doing sham promises. Before the election of Balochistan he said “when I get the part of assembly I will solve entire problems (abducting, throwing mutilated corpses, and other gigantic issues) of Balochistan and Baloch nation.” When he became Chief Minister of Balochistan, in the “Capital Talk Show”, which is leaded by Amid Meer, he said he had not released any Baloch but he would try. Now I want to ask the CM that you became the CM (but not voted by Baloch nation) what are you doing for Balochistan and Baloch nation? Where were you when the Medical College was assailed by Pakistani Establishment’s Taliban’s [Lashkar-e-Jungohi]? When Malala Yusuf Zai was fired at head she was taken to England, similarly; here in Balochisatn more than 25 students were martyred no one (including you) did any thing; just for keeping the culture of politics animate, you condemned them nothing else was there . . . Similarly; where were you when Mama Qadir [The Great] took out a long march from Quetta to Karachi with the flourishing of 700 kms with some protesters, whose family members are abducted by the Pakistani establishment? You also went to Mama’s Camp as well. . .

Finally; as the great Mao-s-Tung said:”A revolutionary organization is the correct leader of common masses [public] and when a revolutionary organization misleads the common masses than no insurrection will be triumphant. It is compulsory for gaining success in revolution common masses must not be deceived and for attacking at the factual rivals, to be together with your real acquaintances.”


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