Relief works or propaganda

By Naaz Baloch

District Awaran was hit by a gigantic jolt of earthquake two months ago, the causalities that reached nearly to one thousand was shivering whereas all mud-made houses collapsed utterly showing a ruin civilization form at every corner.

By the passage of time many welfare committee slowly initiated their services in Awaran and its suburbs but the most disheartening news that scattered everyone was that, a wing of Jamat-Ul-Dawa starts spreading propaganda instead of carrying out the relief works, they have gone for wall chalking mentioning ‘’ Mujahedeen Laskar Tabia Jamat-Ul-Dawa Zinda Bad’’. FIF, Falah Insaniat foundation as came here to assist the victims but initiated a sort of service that is based on discrimination and prejudice thoughts. Somewhere it is written ‘’Muslim Apas Mein Bhai Bhai Hain’’ and anywhere another sentence which are mostly written on the walls of Masjids, which shows what these type of foundations want to do despite of giving reliefs to the victims. They might have been trained and sent to carry out their publicity which is a need of time for the foundation that does politics.

In real wordings, it has been long seen in Pakistan the religious extremism become a tool to boost up the thoughts of discrimination especially on the eve of such cataclysm. This is the misfortunate of those parties who use the name of Islam as an impressive tool which has earned a very bad image worldwide in results.  Various Religious wings have been purposely produced that are illustriously being exploited by some authorized institute who had substantially overridden the whole system of equality. Freedom of expression created a great gap between sects, whereas the sectarian skirmishes are the most vulnerable ones. The big aftermaths on the base of prejudice thoughts, discrimination and distinguishing planes occurring all are pre-planned which in reality indicates carnage to be accompanied by carnage.

Here in Balochistan, Awaran district which is a disastrous place, people are facing their lives in difficulties, want relief adds from humanitarian organization but unluckily being given a sense that the victims be dying of starvation but our slogan of jihad will remain of its priority concern.  So that the FIF is performing it in Awaran to exterminate the sense of existence of brotherhood which the inhabitants have it in their blood without creating a sense of disruption, FIF like religious wing are persuading it because here live the most inhabitants are Ziggre and it eases the plot of propaganda to extended as vast as they want. But remember one thing that, humanity doesn’t suit with such deleterious ways of propaganda which are only based on the norms of discrimination.


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