The geographical Changes, bringing variations in interests of international powers: BSO-Azad

By Bolan Voice

Bso-Azad, the central cabinet session was held discussing the current political changes imagesand future activities proceedings under the supervision of Chairmen Baloch Khan, after which many important pronouncements were made.

In the session, organizational affairs and the current political variations were the most significant itinerary, After debating the main schedules; the CC members stated that owing to geographical and political variations that has turned the faces and interests of international powers, in results Pakistan bringing fluctuations in its polices of insurgency and the genocide of Baloch is speeding up. This geography and America along with, China and Russian increasing their interests with inter-services spying supervises keeping accords with Pakistan and China to provide vast interests from the resources of wealthy Balochistan.

In this regards, Pakistan utilizing it’s already used conspiracy on the lips of Islam with highly organized terrorist groups and religious hysteria. Moreover, giving those free hands to create an environment of un-harmony and giving wings to terrorism to maintain its relationship with international communities and consume the assistance of them, that resultantly sustain the structure of occupation and exploitation polices of Pakistan, carries on the Massacre of Baloch and Pakistan using the silence of international institutes.

In present-day, state two sided polices being fueled by the international response and assistance that in consequences being consumed against Baloch and its revolutionary movement to wipe It out. In spreading of religious hysteria and terrorism, there is a great role by Pakistan has been performed but in spite of the international powers response in tackling the worse brutality backing it, which is later being used to encounter the independence movement and the inter-security services abducted thousands of Baloch accompanying the martyrdom of Missing persons whose corps were badly Mutilated and unrecognizable. The dump and throw policy is still continued but no response from international Humanitarian organization being seen. In Balochis-tan at every corner, Pakistani brutalities and terrorist policies are speeding up and operations are being launched at a great extent, but the quietness of international institutes is the same without any noticeable action.  Stat getting an enormous fortuitous from senseless and cruel silence where it has not left the inhabitants of earthquake affected areas and continued its barbaric polices of stopping the relief adds entering into the areas.

In Balochistan like Bangladesh the religious hysteria and Jihadi groups are being exploited to carry on the abduction, killings and dumps policies to encounter the liberty movement of Baloch and abduction is continued along with kill and dump proceedings.


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