We are on the way to success…

By Aziz Ejaz

Madiba,  an icon of peace kicked the bucket with a message that progress is far-fetched 225662thing without education and it is much needed prerequisite for the countries proceedings towards their destination of triumphs, mostly for under developing countries but tragically in our society it is being given a hatred and prejudice concern. Where the institutional departments run owing to political parties and Nepotism is another aggressive issue seems to be the most priority of the authorities.

In Balochistan the vision to avail free education to every citizen is not being seen anywhere and the students often complain for the enhancement of tuition and other fee which is being taken as an extra amount in most suburbs area of Quetta including the colleges of province but on the other side,. Very currently the employees of UoB initiated begging bowls to help the university in paying the salaries on the time to employees which the authority pays at the mid of month sporadically.

The strike which has conducted by the joint action association demands in paying the allowance, student’s fee concession and reduction which has been enhanced in a great amount and for the withdrawal of vice chancellor who is not indecipherable to supervise the administrative proceedings of university, Claimed by the president Kaleem Khan. We didn’t see any one positive in resolving the appalling problems of UoB neither governor nor HEC members and in such situations how it could be possible to let the departments continue working whereas the employees who work in that are facing difficulties without of payments at the exact date of month, means on the very first days of beginning the month, a member from the protestors said.

There is a great quotation, our mind is the garden. Our thoughts are the seeds. The harvest can either be flowers or weeds.

Living in an environmental that is full of controversial conflicts and discriminations is a garden with a harvest of weeds which is to function in hurdling the cultivating of productive flowers. Whatever someone does to achieve become futile as the fundamental roots are so weak without any proper irrigation structure however our educational sectors  is same like a land with a harvest of useless production.

The illiteracy rate of this affluent province is elusive and the opportunities that students get for the higher education is contrary to the statements often get publish in the newspapers. Our ministers claim for very tall promises at the nuke of their spectacular programs but in real nothing optimistically come into being. In most of the countries the half of the budget annually serve for the provision of education and its awareness measures but here it became a cause of protecting the self-possession as being in endanger owing to neighboring countries. The difference that found is the capacity of judgment, the reason that makes bottlenecks in sector of progress of an institute is owing to the root cause of corruption, disarrangement, nepotism, favoritism, discrimination and prejudice doings.

Our educationalists mind and thinking seem to be like a garden whose land is unfertile which just only cultivates those thoughts whose seeds are utterly based on favoritism that’s in result the product is equal to zero. In Pakistan there is a great brain drain of educated being observed as the students feel themselves unsecure over here and the unemployment problem is another vulnerable issue.

In Balochistan since 1970, university of Balochistan was only the institute providing higher education to the students but has not been given much concerns. There emerged protests by the intervals of time by students or staff teachers as demanding for quality education and payment of salaries on the time respectively.  This time there were huge strikes going on for almost a month ago due to the same problems existed before, Students were in dilemma what to do as their examinations were about to be held in following month. The strike was prolonging and situations getting worst day by day.

It comes in failures of the concerned authorities who were ostensibly not taking any prompt action whether the difficulties to be disentangled or the employees are given an ultimatum for the sake of university and students future. HEC has declared 15m some days ago of protest but it does not fulfill the allowance of employees said by the protestors. It is worth mentioning that provincial CM Dr. Malik Baloch has announced for building of 6 new universities in Balochistan along with two Medicals University. It was probably an inconsequential problem for Malik Baloch that the issue being confronted by the UoB for almost a month and upsetting the whole system of it without any immediate action of steadfastness. The employees including the instructors of tomorrow’s generation are mooching around on roadsides holding begging bowls to assist the university and let it recuperates the financial collapse. It is much better to resolve the existing problems first after which move to take another attempt, because a journey of a thousand mile began with a first step. If the existing problem remains unsolved it may become a great obstacle ever in proceedings of other projects which are under completion process in the shape of Turbat and Lorlai University.

Highly well- developed and designed infrastructures, paper made administrative preforms and the scientific gadgets are not the much obligatory prerequisite for educational institutes whereas educationalists and good lawmakers are conclusive building blocks of institutes and students fate changers. If teachers occasionally go for strikes to chant the slogan   ‘’ provide us the salaries, give us the allowances, VC go and VC go’’ than who will come to instruct the students.

Observing the failures is not a fault or sort of degradation but guarding one’s self over a mistake is a gigantic destruction. The officials must have to eat a humble pea over any problem and should determinedly take an affective step ahead in resolving the existing problems of UoB including other educational issues as well because problems are problems everywhere. The Balochistan provincial government, federal governments and the higher education commission including PM Nawas Shareef should come a step forward to give it incredible considerations by hook and crook because ‘’ it takes two to make a quarrel’’.

In such turmoil the educational departments disappointedly seems to be one of the worst targets and one can undoubtedly say that  yet we have not initiated  the first step that leads to way of triumphs.


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