Women and the difficulties they face


As being a student of Sociology I often read the topics of women in my studies and i fully remember one of the Hungarian Tragedy No. 2greatest lines from a book of C.N. Shankar Rao, he beautifully stated that the status of women is a topic of sociological studies and discussions, for it mirrors the positions of about 50 percent to the population of any society. Study of the history of human society reveals that in no society of the world have women enjoyed absolute equality on par with men. Everywhere they were subjected to inequality, discrimination and exploitation.

Furthermore, this seems very shocking and hurt-burning when the cases of rapes and sexually abused women girls and even boys, too. We in a country, where the lives and respect of women and girls is endanger in all the aspects.

Furthermore, the  problems which are on the rise in Pakistan and in other parts  of the world are, rapes of women and girls, women being sexually assaulted and  attacked, throwing acids on them,  killing them on the name of honor, the tortures by their family members and in lows, making them work like donkeys at homes and the most and foremost factors that the Pakistani women with others are somehow not getting their basic rights which really shows the dirty and unbearable face of our society.

To add some more information that the men of this nation never keep the desire that their women should be empowered and independent at all. One of the paragraphs in past DAWN newspaper in editorial page won my heart that it is impossible neither to end violence against women; nor to empower them, nor even to break the vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation as a result of which women suffer more than men. In addition, women’s education is another factor which needs much concentration to be developed and facilitated. It is said that if the women of a nation are given good and perfect education system then they may protect themselves somehow and be aware of their basic needs and rights. One can best judge the condition of a nation by the way they deal their women, on the other hand a great thinker Swami Vivekananda has quoted that “That country and that nation which did not respect women have never become great nor will ever in future”.

The condition of Pakistani women is a shocking and never-ending process the government does not put her pain killing efforts to solve it.

Lastly, i can only suggest that please stop the rapes women, killing of them, exploiting them and harassment to them, if not I am afraid the nation will never develop and will never prosper in any field; and if the women are treated so continuously, then I am afraid that the day is not far when the women of the nation do not dare to step out of their houses and will remain afraid entering in any field of development for themselves and the nation.



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