BSO [Azad] does not approve international contracts about Balochistan

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Student Organization-Azad’s central spokesperson said in a statement that according to United Nation imageslaws and regarding the articles relate with Human rights that every nation preserves the right to utilize its resources for its national welfare and live independently on its motherland, but the condition is contrast in Pakistan. Here nobody is allowed to express freely, especially when you are a Baloch.

The occupancy of state on Baloch land and resources is a real threat for nation’s survival. Baloch nation being so rich in natural resources, is suppressed by the state elements, in the abundance of recourses the heir Balochs are compelled to lead lives below the rate of poverty line, the reason is that state is consuming the resources of Baloch in order to strengthen the Punjab’s industrial and other sectors.

The establishment is quite adamant to eliminate Baloch and determined to suppress the nation for submission that the mentioned resources to be provided to the Punjab. It is so worrying that the state is obstinate to utilize resources but eliminate Baloch.

Now they have made an agreement to hand over Gwadar seaport to China without permission of the Baloch nation. Gwadar port, which is an important hub for international trade in the world, is in utmost need of China. Because she is unbending to enhance its occupancy on Gwadar by establishing a naval base; resultantly, this project handing over a menace for Baloch as well as an alarming sign for oppressed nations of the world.

Pakistan and China have recently signed a pact to construct road and rail link from Gwadar to Kashghar in order to boost their economies and they are intended to take future crown on their hands by exploiting Baloch resources.  The recent visit of the Chinese delegation to Gwadar is ostensible evident about implementation of the discussed accord on ground, and Chinese experts surveyed for an exact location to establish naval base in Gwadar.

Baloch, on this juncture, notifies to China that she mustn’t carry-on any project further on Baloch land including Gwadar mega project. Baloch strongly condemns the China’s involvement in the quest of energy and other resources in Balochistan, especially in Gwadar project because nation preserves the right to utilize the resources for its masses but not for the Punjab. Baloch will continue its struggle until nation gets emancipation, and prior this no one is allowed to make any sort of agreement with the state regarding Baloch resources.


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