China’s military surpass in the region is deleterious for oppressed nations: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

China’s monopoly on Gwadar seaport is envisaging as a grave threat for international peace and stability in the BNM flagregion. The policy makers are using new tactics to extract the resources of Baloch. According to Baloch National Movement’s central spokesperson that Chief Minister has come in power through an agreement with the establishment and determined to deceive the Baloch by handing over the natural resources to others nations.

As in present, establishment of the state by the collusion with Chinese government is quite determined to exploit Baloch natural resources and sell to the imperialists, Gwadar sea port to just remains a dream, which will not be real at any cost. The representative of BNM said that Baloch nation is quite firm to carry on their struggle to get emancipated from the state’s subjugation and mentally prepared not to make any sort of deal with establishment including with its agents in the provincial cabinet. BNM workers with Baloch nation are resolute to face the ongoing genocide with courage and valiantly.

The government is diverting the funded money by Saudi –Arabia for earth quake victims, this money is being used in ongoing operations against Baloch to eradicate the roused nationalism. While the Chief Minister with his cabinet members showing unauthentic reports about earth quake victims to donor countries and international agencies to rise fund which is being used to strengthen its military power to carry on worse operation against Baloch.

Therefore, it is the moral responsibility of the United Nation to take keen interest in Pak-China relations which are revealing an alarming threat for Baloch nation as well as the dominance of China on Gwadar sea port is worrying for the regional stability. China’s expansionism to Balochistan is supported by Pakistan is stimulating concerns among oppressed nations that they may not be the next victims. It is the duty of the international community along with the United Nation to take strict actions to restrain the expansionist policies of China and Pakistan.

The representative of BNM said that Baloch nation is struggling for its independence within the boundaries of international laws. While the CM Malik with his cabinet is showing the fake reports about earthquake in Awaran and other situations of Balochistan to the world. BNM condemns these heinous acts of imperialist and will not allow keeping its hegemony on Baloch land, further.


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