Choudry Nisar and Dr Malik Baloch detriment to disarm the pocket groups

By Ahmed Khan

This state history entails that whenever it entrapped in predicament anywhere, so it 8-12-2013_24723_l_Tused religious sentiments to win in its intentions. State by propagation and hired religious agents have implemented desirous system on people which all proved deleterious for state, religious and religion, too.

International powers used religious elements in their favor and against this they disbursed to progenitors of Jihadist. In this way, they had got fighters in low price but some people grabbed Dollars and bought properties abroad, even today they are enlisted in the richest people’s menu of world.

Experienced circumstances tell that formation of an organization is arduous Job, but the erected organization using in the way of interests is workless or easy Job. Talban were formed by states and were used but some states later on got acquitted them from arena after achieving the goals. The mentioned religious groups left unsupervised and were not disposed thoroughly; resultantly, these organizations got reorganized themselves or by their dynamic or without states assistance, hence they are stronger then past conditions. It is natural truth that spontaneous grown things ever be stronger or durable as compared with artificial or grown by human. Hence, Talban reorganized themselves by their own power, however, before these were established by state elements with collaboration of imperialist.

Same formula has been used in Balochistan. Here after emergence of secessionist groups, the state elements sought tribal figures to encounter the separatists. Tribalism in Balochistan got out dated and Sardars or tribal figures are being leaned by state to keep their hegemony on region, indeed this system is crumbling and does not have capacity to stand in front of Baloch Movement. Consequently, state carved religious complexion groups but mixed with them tribal temperament and extracted a compound to defeat upsurge of Baloch secessionist movement.

For a long time establishment and central government were hesitating for affirmation of such group’s formation in Balochistan, and ever denied through allegations by their controlled media. Journalists also don’t have competency to expose such realities; somewhere due to fear, and somewhere due to greed of wealth. The exposure of such realities by the government authorities are indicating that situations are the worst but these have been put under the carpet, deliberately; admitting of formation including backing to pocket groups is a question mark on information department, news organizations and profession practitioners who claim for being autonomous and impartial journalists. This serious issue should be hot on press to avert further misdeeds but all are showing same the previous unreal picture after disclosure of federal minister and Chief Minister of Balochistan. Here it seems that all organizations and experts have been taken on board by creator of these groups.

It is certain that these groups will not be out rooted, because the nature of this mentality can’t be changed, but propulsion of this media exposure can be ascertained. Recently, the America before giving military aid to Pakistan put condition that this equipment’s mustn’t be used against Baloch and Sindhi nationalists. Consequently, Pakistani authorities are merely showing-off by doing so to get contended the America.

The second reason can be this that the America and Iran couldn’t reach to any subtle agreement about the Iranian nuclear program, so US and her ally states, especially the Saudi-Arabia and Israel want to get America to suppress Iran or destroy its nuclear developed technology and for this purpose they need Jihadists to keep engage rouge state Iran. The aforementioned formatted groups of Balochistan may be used against the Iran because of holding Wahabi school of thoughts.

The third aim can be behind this that the America is worrying about the Chinese influence in Balochistan and wanted to curtail her belligerent in this region. For accomplishment to said design, the America will empower to nationalists and will weaken their rivals. So for the diverting the concentrations of the America, state of Pakistan’s authorities are deluding with emission of the perception of disarm and suspension of fund to hired groups in Balochistan.

The statements of Choudry Nisar and Dr Malik aren’t trustworthy, they can disarm the paid groups and they will do so, then will waste enormous amount which was financed in regard of training and arm to mentioned elements. Early the history is witness that state elements ever used goons to crush political movements. In Balochistan, the fiery of separation or rebellion against enforced annexation ever remained alive; in such condition criminals bolstering is mandatory for establishment, because these paid groups can anytime be used against defiant.

The Pastun Khawa is obedient of establishment and this party can defer or divert its protest schedule by getting instructions from Islamabad. Possibly, said party is doing so for scoring points. Otherwise, it has come in power by help of hidden hand and is being controlled by same. PKMAP vociferation will not effect to pocket organizations, by this way the discussed party get share.


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