Gawadar under Mafias

By Haq Nawaz Kosur, Pasni

Gwadar is considered as the future of economic hub of Pakistan. But couple of years, the political, economic and social life of Gwadar is showing a dismal picture. Every citizen of district is fed up the corrupt system, which is under the influence of key stakeholders of district. The completion of Gwadar deep sea port (GDSP) has brought a dynamic hopes for the people of Balochistan, particularly, district Gwadar, but unfortunately, hopes of people are still remaining in cold store.

This is empirical evidence that the stakeholders of both federal and provincial government have shown a false green garden to the people of Gwadar. It has been considered that it will bring an economic and social change for entire region. The waves of prosperity and bankability of Arabian Sea can change the destiny of district people.

As the resident of Gwadar, neither I nor district citizen could see this stupid affirmative change.

Similarly, we only see that district Gwadar is the hub of drugs trafficking, drugs intoxicating, fishing mafia (illegal fishing), oil mafia and illiteracy.

Gwadar district consists of four Tehseli, Pasni, Ormara, Jiwani and Gwadar. These all are coastal towns of Balochistan where every kinds of illicit business are in peak. Despite promises and pledges of seasonal politician but circumstances still worsen in economics field.

Likewise, 70 percent people are indulged in drugs around Pakistan. According to BBC, the coastal towns of Makran are second drugs smuggling regions after the Mexico. The biggest drugs smugglers and sellers have widespread their illegal business in entire coastal belt. Moreover, they have political affiliation in regions. That is the why they openly do this heinous deeds under the presence of executive, MPA and MNA.

Secretly talking, I personally know a woman (s) who smokes heroin, she has three sons, all of them smoke heroin. When I asked her, why does she do such heinous intoxicant? She replied, once upon a time she sold drugs of influential persons (xyz), that’s why, the presence of numerous drugs, she used them. It is shocking, where hundreds of women smoke heroin, marijuana and shisha, now one guess how will be the condition of men?

The young generations of Balochistan, particularly district Gwadar youth are standing between devil and deep sea. On the other hand, drugs mafias are earning money and destroying the life of innocent people.

Likewise, the fishing mafias (illegal fishing) are doing genocide the marine life. They are indulged illicit fishing and gradually destroying the marine life of Baloch Ocean. According to an estimate of Pakistan marine research millions of fishes are disappearing due to illegal fishing. On the other side, a common fisherman doesn’t found fishes in huge Sea due to illicit fishing. In this way, fishing mafia earns millions of rupees in one day. Despite the presence of coast guards, Navy and fisheries department, the MPA of Gwadar has become silent spectator against these black sheep’s where poor fisherman have no access to two time bread. How these fishermen teach their children?

The fisheries department is under the corrupt bureaucrats whom interests are only money rather than buildup fishermen life and their children future. I met a sailor Nokada Shafi who said the MPA of Gwadar takes money, that’s why he is totally silent of this matter. Undoubtedly, these illegal acts of MPA and influential executive have eradicated the socio-economic life of district people.

Similarly, education is one of the biggest problems of district. The literacy rate is only 30 percent. Majority population is illiterate. As I considered, after district Awaran, the condition of education of Gwadar is worst in whole over Balochistan.

I met with many fishermen, like Nakoda, Shafi, Bori, Akbar, Abol, Dilwash, Jami,Ghulam, Akbar, Malang, Kuda Ganj,Dawd Dost,Jami Garib,Dilpul,Badr Shad and many more. I questioned them, why don’t they send their children in school? First of all, they laughed at me, and then replied, if they send their children in school or make them educated, they would be jobless and you know that job will be given to favorite people, relatives and those whom have political affiliations with MPA or MNA.

I was totally shocked and nervous. I had no words to give response. But God knows they were absolutely correct. They prepare their children to sea, when they attend six or seven year of life. Even though, sometimes giant waves of Baloch Ocean could cause of these innocents death. Moreover, their corps wouldn’t be founded under deep sea.

It is fact; it cannot be denied that fishermen of district sell their women gold for two time bread and passing of life. The jobs are given to those people whom have political approaches with ministers or any other mean. On the other side, the general mass of district Gwadar is hopelessness and the situations are in great vulnerabilities. Mr. Jamil Baloch who has done Post graduation in engineering but he is still jobless and goes to sea for earning money, As he belongs to a poor family and doesn’t have approaches with political stakeholders. He said, my basic rights are given to these ministers and I have no hopes to them.’’(Very sad).

I request to the all stakeholders of Balochistan, along with respectable chief justice, chief minister, Governor and chief secretary to take some effective steps against these mafias whom are destroying socio-economic and political life of district. Moreover, a committee should be formulated which would ensure the viable and clear investigation in fisheries department and illegal recruitment of particular department in district Gwadar. Moreover, check the corruption in health and education department. Besides these, the previous construction and development of former minister of district Gwadar must be taken in consideration.

These issues need widespread attention. If these problems would not be solved or neglected than the conditions of people of Gwadar would be worsen then Rwanda in coming period, which would cause of serious threat for state sovereignty and integrity. Now, the conditions of world have been changed, the new assumptions and principles are adopted by the world. It makes high responsibility of key stakeholders to do something against these mafias effectively.


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