Human Rights and responsibilities

In any society there are very much responsibility of human right. An Italian philosopher quoted that human is a social animal. In society live feel the help of one and other. In society there are various problems which the human being are facing in which the huge problem which put the human being in a fix is the human right in Islam human right has explained properly but in our society is not being followed the society in which the human right is violated in the society. It can lag behind and never get progress the important responsibility of human right is that which highlight the problem of the society and try their level best to solve the problems. Which is creating problems for the human being in the society?

The main responsibility of human right is that to put the human right problem in front of print and electronic media and get approach to  the government and non-government organization as well to the political parties to solve the human right problem and try to stop the human right violation otherwise the human can commit suicide which is being practiced in our society as well in the world level which producing bad result for the producing bad result for the societies in Islam it is also explained that before drying the sweet of labor his payment of daily work should be done which is a live proof of human right. In Pakistan the human rights are being violated in the shape of women gang rape. Which is common in back word area of Pakistan but the government is fait to solve this problem?

The end I am telling that the government and no government organization should struggle to such issues which are being faced by human right that is the biggest responsibility of society.

Baithy Changiz, Turbat


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