Initiation of Wars

By Hani Abid, Turbat

Existence of mankind on earth was the announcement of the initial evils like unfair images (3)desires, inflexibility, and greed and wishes to have the superiority and the best of worldly comforts. Hence the emergence of the war took place.

The occurrence of the First World War in the world history is not very precisely known, but it is assumed that beginning of evil feelings of human beings was the cause of flourishing war. Will Arid Durant discovered that in about 3200 years of recorded history, there only have been 200 or 50 years without war.

Countless records are found in historiography of the very ancient wars. In Mesopotamian’s region during the period 3,000-2,300BC in Bronze Age, some of the oldest wars are acknowledged. “Stele of Vulture,” in Louvre Museum, depicts the war between Lagash and Uma, estimated to have taken place in 2525 BC. This was neither the beginning nor the end. Several other wars had been wagged before and thereafter. In illustration, the first war of genocide against the Neanderthals, whose data is present in Rick Weise’s “Climate Link to Neanderthal Demise of Abates”.

2. The battle of Megiddo (13th Century BC), fought between Egyptian forces.

3. The Black War from 1828 to 1832 in Tasmania, among Aborigines’ and Europeans. Additionally, Iran-Iraq war, the first and second world wars and the wars of Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam during (old War, resulted the earth to witness bloodbath).

No doubt, wars have been continuously fought from men to men, states to states, for the purpose of saving humanity and bringing justice in the world. Conflicts in any state were seldom the production of crude systems such as colonialism, imperialism, racism so on and so forth. Heidelberg institute for the International conflict research on Monday December 15, 2006, represented a report of causes of wars. It includes peaceful disputes over politics or broader, as well as those involving sporadic or constant violence. Ideological change is both the most common cause of conflicts and roots of wars. Similarly, Congo’s ongoing conflict encompasses a battle for its mineral resources and according to some, an invasion by another state. However, whatever the reason gave birth to wars, there has always been loss of lives. Be that the battle of Jews, year 200000BC, which swallowed 10 lives or the bloodiest war of history, WW1, which lasted for 7 years snatching the lives of 60/70 million fatalities.

War can’t be thoroughly rooted out that’s a universal fact. What we can do is that giving the least time to it for lasting by adopting the ideology of the role models like Mandela and by killing the thirst of power and domination.


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