Nelson Mandela receives a symbol of Human Liberty: BSF

Bolan Voice Report

The central chairman of Baloch Salvation Front Saeed Yousaf Baloch, Watan nelson-mandelaMovement’s Qadir Baloch, Central Chairman Hani Baloch and Vice Chairperson Zamoor Azad Baloch in a combined condoling statement expressed grieves for great South African historical leader and symbol of peace Nelson Mandela’s demise.

They said that deceased leader deserves a rich tribute for unprecedented struggle about deliverance among the occupied and enslaved nations, in entire world. He was like a glinting torch for the entire world. His struggle against slavery and apartheid is symbolic and it provided courage to downtrodden people to stand-up against slavery. Mandela’s humane quality and forbearing power made him ideal among the oppressed people of world. Mandela’s departure has deprived them of a great and seasoned leader. Entire world is tensed by Mandela’s physical severance. Africans are mourning for disjointment of Mandela’s historical struggle and revolutionary norms. His introduced traditions are like precious treasure for globe dwellers and will be with them, eternally.

Nelson Mandela devoted his life for deliverance of enslaved people and fought against apartheids in Africa, steadfastly. He was a patriotic African leader, who revealed as a messenger of freedom for the Africans. His year’s prolonged struggle liberated South African, withstanding brought to end the apartheids’ notion between blacks and whites. He through his message made known to world that South Africa is belonging of blacks as equal to white origin people, and no one can rule on this state without consent of here’s people.

Nelson Mandela not only struggled for emancipation of South African as politically but on military ground also formed M.K and designed “M-Plan”, where he launched the secret activities. He conglomerate masses curiosity and applied those against despotism, like used boycott, civil disobedience, sabotage and other revolutionary tactics exactly for rouse and conscious about freedom in South African. He cashed martyrs’ blood for humanity and political awareness of his nation.

Nelson Mandela’s life was full with pain and sacrifices. In 1964, he was sentenced for life time prisons and faced agony of Jail for 27 years.  Such terrible acts couldn’t weaken his cause in any aspect and no one testifies stumble in Mandela’s determination. In Jail, he equipped non-political prisoners with arm of ideology, who afterward inducted in liberation war.

Western states, like America and British declared Mandela’s struggle as terrorist but he without caring the mentioned states accent and outdated notions continued his struggle and refuted all those indictments but proved him a gleaming star and become an icon of peace.

The art of leadership someone learn from Nelson Mandela and the life of this noble person is a symbolic for current era mankind. In 1991, after his release, the America rescinded the word ‘terrorist’ tagged with him; this was certainly Mandela’s victory. At that time, even Amnesty international was considering him as terrorist. A time came; the United Nation awarded him the Noble prize. Today, British and America consider him the most respectable personality which is triumph of national freedom struggle.


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