No practice of Constitution and Democracy rule in Pakistan

By Aleem Azhar, Turbat

The first constitution was enforced in Pakistan in 1956 that was combined by 334 ants.  One of the extravagant articles is the independet Judiciary. All supposed to abide by the rules of Judiciary weather that is the Prime Minster  of Pakistan, a Chief of Army or a limb of a very low income family. Hence; the second constitution was imposed in 1962, in it also the main aforementioned article was pointed out. Similarly, the third one was enforced in 1973. Here the query comes to the all and sundry’s mind that is the existence of magistracy structure in Pakistan. Is any Pakistani seeking the orders of Judiciary?

However; when the twenty first Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Mr. Tasadduk Hussain Jilani, took oath on 12 December in 2013. In first full court symposium, he said, “I will be discussing in small issues.” Weather he will be able to solve the problems of those who are preyed of discrimination. It is sure that if a country becomes deprived of respects of their judiciary then the common masses of that country remain away from Judiciary. It is the reason that youth are going on the way of aggravation bit by bit. Now they are compelled to start enduring for a new destination.

Now upshot is in front of us, we have to think weather there is justice for common folks from Judiciary or not. . . On the other hand we can take the example of America, since he became a country; there just one constitution was imposed and till today Americans have been persuading that constitution. On the other hand the official name of Pakistan is Islamic Republic of Pakistan. On August 14 in 1947 Pakistan became a country and she completed her democratic five years just in Ex regime of PPP, 2008 to 2013. Before this the Pakistan was in the hands of Dictators, and due to the military rulers the half-life of Pakistan passed in dictatorship.


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