“Shaheed Alyas Nizar Baloch”

History never forgets those who sacrifice for their dignity and mother land and do not tolerate the slavery and fight against the enemies of their nation. The role of such people becomes part   history of the nation. Shaheed Alyas Nizar is one of those characters who will never be forgotten in Baloch history.

The great devotee of Dr. Allah Nizar and his nation Shaheed Alyas Nizar, who was born in 12 July 1986 in a small village of Turbat named Kiken. He got his primary education in his native place. His father was a shopkeeper in Shahrak. Therefore, they settled in Shahrak. He did his metric in Sharak. In Shahrak Alyas was solely one who could read and take care of his complete family since his father had passed away. In a little age   he faced copious problems in his early age. Being a Baloch I guess everybody is supposed to face challenges in their lives for getting a bright future.  So later on, he was called in Turbat by his brother to continue his education further. He took admission in Atta Shad Degree College and during his college years he was very much interested in computer. And because of his hardworking He became instructor at computed center named Touch stone. He did his Advance at DELTA. (Dynamic English Language Teaching Academy). He had command on writing letters and articles to newspapers and magazines. To tell you the truth he was a great and honest teacher of mine, who treated me like my brother.

As he was doing his master in computer science in Baluchistan University, Quetta, So after completing his master he was on the way to Turbat, in Pasni he was kidnapped by Pakistani secret state agencies on 21st of December. After 15 days his Dead body was found with another Baloch activist Qamber Chakar. His firm commitment with a nation was appreciable. He is in our hearts. We never forgot such great leaders. He is immortal.

By Meer Jan, Turbat


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