The Blasphemy of Corruption

At a time, when the atmosphere filled with a mixture of nepotism, favoritism, bribery, embezzlement, negation of meritocracy, transparency and accountability is termed as corruption. Simply, if the term has to be interpreted philosophically and morally’ a spiritual and moral impurity’, or abuse of public offices for one’s own vested interests.

The word ‘corrupt’ meaning ‘ utterly broken ‘ was firstly used by Aristotle, which are of two types: petty and grand corruption. Grand corruption takes place at top level where policy formulation is executed while petty corruption is a corruption of small scale.

The large and small scale of endemic corruption is caused by the emergence of political elites in support of interest-oriented program and policies.

The country with a highly inflationary economy and low salaries of government officials compel the people to move through the worst norms of corruption, which gradually increases due to illiterate and suppressed who are snub by the affluent through the corrupted authorities.

Most importantly, the rule of law and judiciary are the most significant figures for the abolition of corruption and its thoughts, but the disheartening thing is that neither rule of law prevails nor the judiciary is competent enough to bring the culprits to the gallows of law, which brought Pakistan into the rank of the 33rd most corrupt country as compared to Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore being at the top rank in Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International. It further declared a tune of Rs.7 billion of daily corruption and if this trend continues to be unchecked, it may lead to Rs 12, 600 billion marks.

The education sector, the most corrupted sector of Pakistan, if develops could be a remedy to the tumor of corruption prevailing day by day by grooming and nurturing a culture of ethnic values and accountability. Further, the corruption breeding must be over looked and designed in such a way that could never leave a chance for such an evil act such as the implementation of rule of law, supremacy of constitution, judicial independence and the most importantly a proper financial support to the officials in order to build up a strong economy and a prosperous country.



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