The weaponing Policy in Balochistan will be discouraged: Choudry Nisar

Bolan Voice Report

Federal interior Minister Choudry Nisar Ali Khan during a meeting with Dr Malik 52be44e383a72Baloch Chief Minister said that present government will adept de weaponization policy in Balochistan as contrary to past regime which armed and supported some groups for their interests. He said that groups which were provided arms by state authorities will get armless. Present PML-N and National Party government due to better performance have succeeded to resolute peace and stability in Balochistan. Further, such mutual cooperation will resume for positive upshots.

During the meeting both leaders decided that past PP and Musharraf had provided arms and financial supports to some groups to counter the opponents. This discussed policy was adopted to maintain peace and stability in province Balochistan. Previous governments give arms and cards to agencies and permitted them to counter separatists. These mentioned groups are exempted from state laws and security forces don’t check them by showing cards provided by government.

This policy caused law and order situations worsen in province. The backed groups by security institutes have started abduction of wealthy people in province; especially doctors are main sources for getting ransom. Coition parties of provincial government are not ready to tolerate such incidents; particularly Pashtun Khuwa Milli Party with collaboration of other parties is going to observe sit-in protest in front of the parliament house in Islamabad against the policy of intellect agencies for backing these groups.


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