Why the defenders of humanism Keeping Silence?

By Mehrab Baloch

Ongoing persecutions in Balochistan have forced me to pick the pen and write about the malady being deliberately but writing the truth and raising voice for righteous is unluckily not allowed here. The constant sacrifices of Baloch youth have provided courage to me and my pen got to write.

The Supreme Court has expressed its helplessness to bring on surface the missing persons. Iftekhar Muhammad Choudry. The former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan blatantly said about non-implementation of court orders regarding missing person’s issue. No justice of honorable court remarks pertaining Ali Asghar Bangulzai, was implemented aground hence it implies that none will provide sooth to the missing persons relative’s wounds.

Dr Malik Baloch Cheif Minister of Balochistan including president of National Party ever postured the recovery of Missing person would be the first priority of his party, but he admitted his failure in recovery of missing in province, though his party has alliance with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Party PML-N. Consequently, questions rises, who is responsible for this human rights abuse in Balochistan and is there any state authority to bring on surface the Missing Persons either.

The series of operation launched in 2002, in Balochistan, continuing with intensity and caused abduction of thousands Baloch youth and old age people extra judicially. Among the missing persons the vice chairman of BSO-Azad Zakir Majeed Baloch, Dr Din Muhammad Baloch, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Dr Akbar Marri and recently abducted from New Kahan sharbat Khan Marri including and number of Missing Baloch is in thousands numbers who are enduring in torture cells. Around 700 Balochs mutilated bodies have been thrown in deserted areas, of Balochistan who were tortured to death. The series of abduction is continuing without abating.

Mama Qadeer Baloch with other victimized family members has commenced an odd way of protest, the Long March from Quetta to Karachi stretching on about 750 Km after failure of all means and concede of Dr Malik Baloch about recovery of missing. A long journey of barren landscape, mountains, rocky and inhospitable areas with not favoring weather the convey of the relatives of Missing persons reached to Karachi and members of voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) had Pitched a token hunger strike camp in front of Karachi Press Club. It is bizarre that international human rights defenders are nonchalant after painful protest and bloodiest environment of Balochistan by abducted Balochs. This attitude of international organizations is saddening and a spot on face of entire humanity.

On 13 December, 2013 the relatives of Missing Baloch have Kicked-off another full troublesome Long March from Karachi to Islamabad which is nearly of 1500 Km. The participants of Long March, Mama Qadeer, Zakir Majeed’s, Sister Farzana Majeed, Daughter of Dr Din Muhammad, Ali Haider, son of Missing Ramzan Baloch and Dr Akbar Marris daughter Hani Marri have been receiving threats by elements which are undoubtedly being backed by intelligence institutes. In spite of intimidations, Mama Qadeer with Baloch sisters and brothers is carrying on his historical march toward the destination.

In Balochistan, situations are totally vulnerable and no one feels secure in this province. Baloch people are facing tyrannies with courage for national these daintily and Jain of rights, Baloch is intended to get a secular state in world map, but state is not agreed to let a like in Balochistan, sectarianism is being invigorating with intention to fade the face of nationalism in front of the world, and expose this region politically tumultuous and here’s people as religious hysterical.

Baloch Nation is facing the worst type of torture, but it is pity that international human rights defenders are seem fail to comprehend the Baloch issue. The discussed organizations are obliged to come forth and support Baloch in their valid struggle against state occupation.


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