Azat the Great

By Akram Jamaldini

Today my pen compels me to put a glance on a top notch and historical personality. Though my little brain does preview_azat_jamaldininot accumulate the words to depict him. As there is need of a psychological and philosophical knowledge to introspect such man of letter and conversant, the paramount figure who is always shining in the pages of history. The idol who has carved out a permanent place in the hearts of Baloch nation and remembered in sublime relics for his meritorious services. Such was the great poet, reformer, educationalist and benefactor Azat Jamaldini.

He was entirely honorable. Not a breath of suspicion marred his life. For his dedication and untiring efforts, he proved himself as “The ambassador of perseverance and benevolence”.

Azat in every way was a contrast to his predecessor of great feat. During his life time itself, he was able to get a long following. His versality was amazing and was known to his people as a poet, short story writer, philosopher, journalist, politician and nationalist.

Azat’s integrity of character was beyond reproach. As a think tank he had given guideline to the politician. He had attended their seminars and joined their rallies. His politics was based on the removal of superstition, prejudice and bigotry.

Likewise, it was his overmountedness and oversightedness that he poured a cogent drop of acquaintance with literature, language and culture.

As a poet he boost up the tone of consistent zeal among Balochs for achievement. His poem stress themes of patriotism, nationalism, anti-imperialism and revolution. By choosing the pen Azat, which means free, he was able to use this pen as a double sense, as a reference both to himself and to political, cultural and social freedom.

The first poem is both; masten tawar and ruzn is Qaul (pledge). This poem. The whole of which is transcribed and translated into Engish by Joseph Elfenbein, can be read as poets political agenda.

In addition, his book have been translated into Urdu, Persian Chinese, German and Russian.

We can also see him as a fervent and zealous revolutionary with a fully developed political program. He glorified Baloch and Balochistan.

He also develops great lyrical skills, which makes his poetry more complex and rich in images and allusion. He was also passionately devoted to the development of Balochi language, as mentioned above, he founded and edited the first Balochi magazine, Mahtak Balochi in June 1956.

Similarly in Gulf States there was no reports of any government sponsored language education or literary activities. Consequently, most Baloch writers and publishers were reluctant to offer any opinion on the issue of which dialect ought to constitute the basis of a standard literary language.

However, Azat made private efforts to standardize Balochi language. He wanted to unanimously agree all the writers on orthography. No doubt, his accomplishments are beyond comprehension.

Looking upon his services and achievements one should not be wrong to comment, that Azat devoted his entire head and mind to find the way by which the miraculous creativity of man shall not be dedicated to his death, but consecrated to his life. It was the determination and perseverance, that he stimulated Iranian Baloch and so, to put the accent on further social progress through the activities of common ones, he mobilize them through Zahidan radio station. He was first one to struggle both for eastern and western Baloch but alas, there he was arrested by Iranian agency and carried to Tehran by helicopter. There he languished in state dungeons. After few months he was deported from Iran, seeing both the doors to be closed for him, He adopted exile in Dubai. There he started his personal business and compiled books. Unfortunately, he lost his two books without published, this obviously a dreadful shock for him. This lost made his life miserable. Consequently, at the last stage of his life, he suffered from cancer. Resultantly, he left for good on September 5, 1981.


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