Balochi Certificate Course at University of Karachi

Khurshid Qazi (panjgoor), University Of Karachi

khurzshid qaziLanguage is most fundamental element of any culture, which is ascribed or achieved at birth. It is the natural medium of communication via which human convey their massages that are diverse in nature. Balochi is the mother tongue of Baloch people. It is marked as one of the regional language among 68 languages of Pakistan.

Among 68 regional languages only four languages; viz, Sindhi, Bengali, Urdu and Balochi have yet been included in curriculum at University of Karachi (KU). Fortunately, Balochi is one among those four languages which is taught formally at University of Karachi.

This step really is worth praise for those who took pain for Balochi classes. No body can deny the fact that initiating Balochi Certificate Course at KU is a milestone and a monument hitherto in the history of KU.

 It is aptly said that journey of thousand miles even starts with the first step. The credit for that first step goes to Baloch teachers and Students of University of Karachi.  It is in this context the initiative was taken by Baloch students in a cultural seminar which was, subsequently, wildly well come. Baloch students remained successful in persuading the KU management and the notable personalities of University.

March 2, 2012 was a gala day for Baloch Students when the concerned KU management announced for Balochi classes at our cultural seminar at arts auditorium university of Karachi.

Later on Prof Dr. Ramzan Bamari, Prof Dr. Akhtar Baloch Prof Dr Jafari, Prof Saleem Mamin, and Prof. Dr Fateh Muhummad Burfat and other’s hard work bore fruit. Otherwise without their moral and physical support this would be a hard nut to crack.

With the collective efforts of Baloch teachers and students, Balochi classes were introduced at KU in 2013.In 2014 balochi classthe second session of Balochi at KU is in progress. For this cause a well known personality in the field of Balochi literature, that is, Sharaf Shad is leading the Baloch classes. Furthermore,  we the student of KU still wish for one more wish inasmuch as wish is father to thought and THE WISH is the to have a BALOCHI DEPARTMENT at University of Karachi.

I will sum up with this point the dream of martyred Saba Dashtiyari has come true.   In this connection, we have not to rest on our laurels but always struggle hard to serve the identity of the Baloch nation.


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