BHRO denounces discovery of mass grave in Tutak

Bolan Voice Report   

The Baloch Human Rights Organization (BRHO) conducted a demonstration to denounce the discovery of mass bhrograves in Tutak in protest women and children have participated in large number, and got gathered in front of Quetta press Club. They were holding place-cards, banners inscribed with demands strongly protesting against the inhuman act in Tutak. The demonstrators strongly denounced the act of violence in Tutak and appealed to the international community to take serious action to suspend the series of ongoing genocide of Baloch and state terrorism.

“The international community should pressurize to Pakistan for its act of violence in Tutak and assist in registering the Baloch case on forum of the international court of criminals. The international court of crime should setup an impartial committee in order to take out DNA tests of unidentified bodies discovered in Tutak’s graves near Khuzdar in Balochistan. The international community should investigate about dumped bodies under foreign DNA experts with absolute fair and Justice.” The speakers demanded via speeches.

The central committee members of BHRO (Baloch Human Rights Organization) Zamoor Baloch, along with the sister of Mir Wahood Riasani addressed that it is proved by the recent discovered mass graves in truth that Pakistan is swayed to violate human rights in Balochistan to vanishing-away the nation of Baloch. As we constantly urged the international community and United Nation to get involved in the issue of Balochistan. They said that the state is involved in the act of genocide of Baloch and now she is refactored to eliminate Baloch nation and enjoy Baloch resources. Meanwhile, the abduction of youth has become a routine practice for the anti-Baloch elements, but in spite of these inhuman acts against Baloch Nation UN is dispassionate. The silence of human rights defending and justice providing organization to human is stunning and this silence categories them in offenders list, because in the perspective of Balochistan’s situations their apathy is similar to crime against humanity. The speakers blamed.

The international community along with United Nation is dormant, the genocide of Baloch is getting the worse and now level of viciousness has reached on point that innocent Balochs are being martyred and buried collectively in graves by anti Baloch elements of the state which is a critical threat to peace and stability in the region. The recently discovered mass graves in Balochistan’s district Khuzdar, near Tutak where more than 150 dumped bodies were discovered which were brutally tortured by anti Baloch elements by putting chemicals on their bodies that they should not be identified, even some state institutions confessed this act of violence against Baloch nation. The central member of BHRO Zamor Baloch furthermore said that recent act of genocide and mass graves discovery have clearly exposed the state brutalities towards Baloch nation.

It is pathetic that United Nation is aware of the recent act of genocide of Baloch nation but is motionless. The UN Working Group in a press release confessed that more then 14000, thousands Baloch have been enforcedly disappeared by the state forces but it is astonishing that being awarded of the situations in Balochistan they have turned their face which is misfortune of oppressed nations of the world.

As we urge the international community why they have turned their face over the act of the worst genocide of Baloch as Baloch are not human being? Or the United Nation is a fake organization that it does not support peace and stability in the world including Balochistan. The participant of protest inquired.

After registering their protest the Baloch Human Rights Organization members sacked peacefully.


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