“Humanity’’ a rare dream

By Shahdad Mumtaz

BCRousseau says, “Man was born free but that is enchained everywhere”.

The idea of Rousseau is surely worthy-considering and that is a fact that all human beings are born free but as soon as they become the very part of the oppressed system of world, they got enslaved in every aspect of life.

The chain of religion, nationalism, sectarianism, racism and others are highly strong that they do not let the chain of humanity to be strong. If the chain of religion is weak somehow, then the vacant space is filled with the conservative form of nationalism. Suppose, the chain of sectarianism has got no place in a society, then obviously the society is embedded with the chain of racism. These imposed ideas are not something new rather historical facts which you and everybody ought to accept. No man, nation, state, society or a country is free at all from these but heartening point is that all men, states, nations and societies are very much far away to humanity. We have been biting by the poisonous snake of inhumanity.

Everybody gets the education for degree, but nobody goes for getting the education of humanity. We are educated to get jobs but are never educated to be well human being and embrace humanity. Everyone feels proud to identify one self’s nation, religion, sect, race or caste but no one finds his/her identity in humanity. Embracing the identification of humanity will be a great source of weakening the century-old chains of every inhuman act, war and instability sources.

The slogan of humanity has been chanted long ago and still there are many who are chanting the same sloganrespect for humanity merely beating to line. But can humanity be released or achieved by chanting slogans? By chanting slogan no one will get the stolen shoes, the humanity is beyond thoughts. Many questions disturb the mind that what are the obstacles in the way of humanity, why the man has failed to taste the freedom of humanity and why the human beings themselves are deprived of humanity?

Nothing can get changed and nothing can be achieved through verbal points. A thing can get changed the time when we have the complete knowledge and information about that. The case is that without finding the historical facts, knowing about the acts which have deprived us of humanity, we want that we should get humanity. With empty hands and a dismal mind the humanity will not be more than a dream. One ought to think that what were the situations and powers have snatched humanity from human being and in current circumstances application humanity possible in lives?

Paulo Frere says that the only social and moral responsibility of the man is the struggle for completion of humanity. It discourages to know that all have run-away from this humanitarian and moral responsibility. The humanity is for the welfare of every individual but still the human beings are deprived of it.

The misuse of power always leads the society towards the inhuman acts and ever keeps the society distant from the lovable-shadow of humanity. The deprivation of humanity exposes to both classes; one who has deprived the man of humanity and has snatched humanity, means the oppressor and the second who is deprived of humanity is the ‘oppressed’. Actually, both classes; the oppressor and the oppressed are deprived of humanity but strangeness from humanitarian speculation has divided the human being into various sections. Similarly, the both are born free but after birth one becomes oppressor and the second got oppressed. In spite of free birth their status differs into oppressor and oppressed.

The reason behind this tragic is that oppressors by its power but disregarding personalities and entities, do not consider at all the second man human being rather discriminated in individual, nation, state or society with inhuman terms. The truth is this they (oppressors) always incepted violence, and ever have committed evil deeds inhuman way against oppressed class by their brutal acts usage. Oppressed class has never been in power, so how could they go to violence, first?

The reactionary act of oppressed is natural and the ultimate outcome of the brutal acts by oppressor which give birth to insurgency and uprising by oppressed. And considerable point is that the violence of oppressor (ruling class) is the major obstacle in the completion of humanity. On the other hand the reactionary insurgency and uprising by oppressed is always only for thrive of humanity, and their struggle mean is up the value of humanity. That is the thirst of humanity that the oppressed class struggle for what. But it doesn’t mean that the oppressed class in their reactionary insurgency perpetrates like oppressor and kickoff the new series of brutal deeds which never will be endorsed as struggle for humanity. In such case only beats will be changed; the oppressor in place of oppressed, and in same manner oppressed will be shifted in beat of opposition. So it will be the same queen with two different pictures.

The first priority of the struggle of oppressed should be to gain humanity and spread it among the others. Because the oppressor is also deprived of humanity as the oppressed is. If the oppressors were not deprived of humanity, they would never deny it to others. They do not have the sense of humanity, for them this sense and the purpose of life is to be the master of more and more commodities even for that they can destroy civilization (Aztec civilization is the example), can invade states or other nations.

The sanguine way is the oppressor to make free the oppressed and it is inevitable to merge the both classes in sake of humanity which confers love, prosperity and beauty to lives of mankind. It is enunciated that develop of mentioned sense is result of human deeds, hence if human do optimistically, so inversely the outcome can be gained in shape of humanity, love, aesthetic and so on.

The problems, which are being faced by today’s world, are due to inhumanity. If there was humanity; consequently, no man would have killed to other by discrimination of religion, nation, race and caste. In a classless society, the man is judged by the humanity, not by the complexion, nationality and religion. Instead of the nationality and the religion criterion, the person should be preferred by humanity. Humanity can only thrash the walls of hatred and blossom to nursery of love and humanity, where every human being will be under the same comforted shadow of the tree. Humanity can build the bridge of unity. It can only give a new hope and every individual’s desires and dreams towards prosperity. Let’s start making the world by blossoming nursery of humanity by our own acts.


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