International Human Rights organizations take notice the discovery of mass graves: BNM

By Advocate Nadir Langove

Baloch women political workers at Quetta press club read the statement of Dr. Manan Baloch, the central BNM-Flag4(2)secretary general of Baloch National Movement (BNM). Through a statement it was informed that mutilated bodies of Balochs have been finding ceaselessly and this series is unending in present regime of Dr. Malik, too. The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) Chairman Nasarullah Baloch and voice chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch’s forbearing prolonged hunger strike also couldn’t invite the attentions of International human rights organizations about the transgressions against Baloch nation, illogically. The mentioned organization is marching to Islamabad after accomplishment of its first phase; from Quetta to Karachi. All these endeavors mean to attain the concentrations of United Nation and other human right organizations about atrocities of Pakistani state on Baloch nation. It is bizarre, Balochistan’s vulnerable situations and protest of Baloch also couldn’t win world’s sympathies and support in its favor. Here it is not defect of Baloch regarding apathy of international world but interests hampering them to step on towards righteous.

The discovery of 10 mass graves of Baloch missing at (Tutak) Khuzdar is a catastrophic in human history. The buried people in mass graves were awaited by relatives to rejoin them but ironic consequences took place by this terrifying incident. The authorities are misleading to world by mentioning victim’s number below than two dozen, in fact dead bodies’ strength is 159 or it may go above. The state media and other institutions hypocritically are stating the discovered corpse’s numbers merely 13 which is totally fallacious. It was stated by the BNM leader Dr. Manan through the statement.

The world organizations have double criterion about Kashmir and Balochistan. When mass graves were discovered in Kashmir and Bosnia, then these incidents were hot on the media, the humanitarian organizations also took the sky on heads about those. America and other states of world are conferring aid to Pakistan for bring peace in Afghanistan with intention to enjoy the region’s resources, but that granted funds mustn’t let to be used for genocide of Baloch. It is out spoken that excluding the resolve of Baloch issue, the peace never can be maintained in the region.

Amnesty international and other international human rights organizations must take prompt notice of human rights abuses in Balochistan, and their intervention only can suspend this ongoing grim series of throwing mutilated bodies of Baloch and dumping Balochs into mass graves in this region, onward. Plead to UN and other organizations by Baloch National Movement via statement.


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