International players manipulate to gain interests in Balochistan: BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

1723560_584214471667736_978374375_nBSO-Azad Australian’s zone organizers conducted their senior body meeting under the presidency of Zaib Baloch in Australia, where the chief guest was Banuk Karima Baloch, the chairperson of BSO-Azad, and in meeting the future amendments were discussed. At the start of meeting the participants got silenced in the prestige of Baloch martyrs and for the martyrs of oppressed nations of the world, while addressing to participants, the chairperson of BSO Azad Banok Karima Baloch alleged that the international players are playing in Balochistan to seize the Balochistan’s natural resources and adamant to stabilize their economy.

The international players along with the establishment of Pakistan is adamant to elevate the Gawadar seaport for its trade, because Gawadar being the cheapest source for the marketing of their products. Which is a conspiracy against the liberal movements in Balochistan but adversely America, turkey, Saudi Arabia are financially are supporting the Pakistani establishment to suppress the Baloch cause by occupying this nation’s resources and the funded money being received by the establishment and which is utilized against the Baloch nation by way of enforcedly disappearing the Baloch youth and political workers in unidentified places.

As the chairperson of BSO Azad Banuk Karima augmented further that in such worse situations the Baloch nation should emphasize on that they must be zealous to their cause of getting emancipated from the establishment, and thoroughly understand the oppressive policy of the international players of the world. Otherwise, it would be quite impossible to get emancipated from the occupant. The senior chairperson of the BSO Azad (Australian zone) Zamoor Baloch said that Balochistan is being the worst place for the journalists of the region and Baloch cause is receiving lack of international coverage, due to that the Baloch cause is suffering the worse act of genocide in its history.

Addressing to the meeting participants, he added that the state forces have abducted thousands of Baloch from different areas of Baloch predominant areas and tortured them brutally as the recent act of genocide in Khuzdar near Tutak, where more than 160 Baloch bodies were discovered from mass graves, which were brutally martyred by the state forces. Even it was quite difficult to identify most of the mass grave bodies but two of them were identified by their National ID Card, they were the residents of Awaran. it is thus, sad that United Nation, the champion of human rights in the world even showed lack of interest in Tutak’s mass grave bodies which is a threatening indication for oppressed nation of the world, then where the oppressed nations of the world go and demand for impartial justice of their rights?.

As the Zonal Organizing Committee of BSO Azad (Australia) said that it is the time to pressurize the international community to show their keen benefits in Baloch issue by getting us emancipated from the occupied state. At last BSO Azad (Australian ZONE) committee was set-up in which Zaib Baloch was elected as the zonal organizer, Asad Baloch as the deputy organizer and Faisal Baloch was elected as the head of the organizing committee.


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