Man is not born free!

By Agha Jahanzaib Baloch

Janzib balochIf we observe that when a child is born actually he is bounded in chains of relations wither he is born as some ones son and some ones brother then he belongs to particular religion or a tribe, nationality and sect all these factors matter during its evolution in the universe. All the relations and connections and chains though not realized by him, as he is too little to understand them so an individual cannot be free from the very beginning of his life till the termination. It can be assumed that it is not possible for an individual to be free; he is connected through various relations with others. It is possible to elaborate the world free and freedom, because the word free and freedom is taken as being able to do what an individual wants and being able to remain independent of anyone or anything else, then such a freedom cannot exist in this world because man is born in this world and he is bounded to be depended on sit.

 Man is bound to be ruled by different phenomenon and different systems that exists in the world, he needs to breathe in oxygen from some source for his existence in order to sustain his life he has to search food from different sources for his existence to carry on his life. Making mutual Corporation with other human beings, who have to be in relation with him if he wants to sustain in the universe because he is a social animal. However, the man is an mutual corporation with the universe as human breath out carbon dioxide and in result breath in oxygen from the environment as the released carbon dioxide is utilized by plant in our ecosystem also there is deep relation between plant and human being, because we are dependent on plant for food as well plant depend on us for carbon dioxide in exchange, so there is a mutual relation between us. However, there can be relative freedom an individual can be free to a certain extent.

 He can be free to choose amongst the choices set for him by different factors if he has not potential to choose man born freeeverything that he wishes that he wishes. The relative freedom is defined for an individual that he is free to express his views free to exercise his religion, free to exercise his culture, free to exercise politics and some other facts.

 One of the reasons that an individual is deeply   influenced by all these factors in the process of his nourishment. As the individual is highly depended on family and other institutions is conditioned through them; before he is old enough to make his own decision these are already certain beliefs, behavior thinking installed in him. While a person’s family religion defines, what religion an individual will believe in and practice. It is quite different to find a Muslim in a christen family; therefore, a person belonging to a family with a particular religion will not have freedom to choose any of the religion in the world. However, he would have certain relative freedom and would have to choose from certain behaviors’ and beliefs that are in the religion. He is brought up into same as the case with economic and financial backgrounds. A person belonging from a strong financial background will have strong desires to choose rather than a person belonging from a poor financial status. Suppose that a person who would not be able to buy anything he wants his choice will be highly dependent on his budget. The concept of this sort of relative freedom can be best understood through a nice example:

For example a father takes his son to a shop to buy him a bicycle, now he would choose any of the bicycles according to the financial status of his father. Therefore, he asks his son to choose from amongst cycles that are rated to certain amount; let’s say, PKR 3000, now the son can choose any of the bicycles that are rated PKR 3000, but he cannot choose any bicycle that is rated above 3000; that is his relative freedom.

 Similarly, the freedom for an individual also depends on political system as well. An individual within a state is highly influenced   by the policies and practices that are promoted by the political system; these are certain kinds of political system; there are certain kinds of political system, wherein individual are given the rights to participate in the formation of the government; the example can be taken of a democratic system in such system, the individual cast their votes and elect their representatives who form Government on the other hand, in a political system like dictator ship there is no room for an individual to cast his vote in order to choose their elected leader from their desired party. Then these are certain other types of freedom that are highly dependent on the political system.

The freedom to raise finger against the policies of the Government and the individual is bounded not to express freely. It is said that a person’s freedom ends at the point from where another person nose starts, suggesting that when an individual freedom becomes disturbance for others, it doesn’t remain freedom. As man is born free but everywhere he is in chains and that is true to a certain extent, it is appropriate even to say that man is not born free to somehow, he is bounded to his relations. In short, absolute freedom is UN available and is dream can only be found in space.


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