Master Dad: a living lore…..

By Aziz Ejaz

The fetching mirror of the world’s literature amazingly let the readers of it to come across the fabled names had 1904015_626135124125429_927542427_ndedicated their all glinting potentialities and ingenuities for a specific determination in the field of fiction that allows anyone be wrapped up by the rhymes, literally writings, limericks and the short stories that the renowned personalities used to write in their lifetimes. Literature is not only destined to a nation however, all nations inhabit in the world have a sort of expression of their daytimes happenings in every sphere of lifecycle whether that is a convolution, enchantment or any other form of unconventionalities that often occur in the norms of normalcy.

The word Literature actually derives from a Latin word litterae (plural) letter), is the art of written work. The word literature literally means: “things made from letters”. Literature is commonly classified as having two major forms ‘’fiction and non-fiction’’ and two major techniques which we called poetry and prose. Prose is Literary a medium distinguished from poetry especially by its greater irregularity and variety of rhythm and its closer communication to the patterns of everyday speech of us. Though it is readily distinguishable from poetry in that it does not treat a line as a formal unit, the significant differences between prose and poetry are of tone, pace, and sometimes subject matter at all.

But poetry defines as like, which is a word derived from the Greek ‘’Poiesis’’ meaning a “making”, is a form of literary art which uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language—such as phonaesthetics, (is the study of the inherent pleasantness (euphony) or unpleasantness (cacophony) of the sound of certain words, phrases, and sentences) sound symbolism, and meter(is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse)—to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning.

The primogenital literatures used to provide some factual information about the art of writing and non-fiction, which is the fundamental step to be taken in minds while thinking to go through ingenuities that how the literatures of various nations came into being. Same like other literatures the Balochi literature is one from them in which we can get the shape and art of inventiveness. In this literature we can come across to the names that toiled for it and struggled in its every field such as short stories, novel writings, literarily works like criticism etc. and poetry.

Master Dad, commonly we call him A.R Dad, (Abdul Razzique Dad) is a living legend of Balochi literature that at all is a complete book containing the aesthetic view of Balochi literature. Like other devoted scholars and writers of Balochi literature among who the most reverend names come are, Syed Zahoor Shah Hashami, Kareem Dashti, Atta Shad, Murad Sahar, Ghani Pervaz including Master Dad who has contributed enthusiastically with a transparent zeal and contributing as well. We cannot deprive those names who served as the building blocks of structure. Master Dad born in Gawadar in 1972, this soil has given to birth many legendary playwrights and rhymester, who had earned a glimpse in the history of Balochi literature and toiled a lot for the aesthetical structure of literature. Master Dad completed his primary education in Gawadar and intermediate from Degree College turbat. Dad used to be one of the students of the great intellectual and literally writer ‘’Ghani Pervaz’’, who has almost written about the Balochi literature in a great extent, whether that is fiction or non-fiction as he embodies the entire visual of literature by seeing thoroughly his ingenuities seem the fundamental entities had given a prodigious begging to the modern prose writing. Mr. Dad’s sincerity that I have observed as being a student of him during my Master education is of utmost concerned when we get a peep towards his literally devotions in fiction or non-fiction respectively. Balochi literature is one of the oldest among highly rich literatures destined in south Asian countries.

 A.R Dad, done his Bachelor of arts and Master of arts in Balochi literature from the university of Balochistan and currently serving as a teacher in Balochi department in university of Balochistan. He is an author, who focuses on the styles of expressions and toils to represents whatever he creates with a warmth and humour repercussions of the society.

If we call him a complete dramatist, novelist, scriptwriter, interviewer and biographer, than we will not be beating about the bushes as he embodies all that qualities rarely in an astonishing flair.

As for as his commitments are concerned, he spectacles an outstanding devotion towards Balochi literature, and emphasizes what are the pre-requisites needed to be applied for a greater accomplishment In a section which readers and the observers contemplate one of the nicely building blocks in enhancement of the literature, Balochi literature has not empowered a gigantic achievement in all its norms which Dad tries to improve by his fetching ingenuities.

In early periods of his life, he was found a student who was fond of literary backgrounds as he was used to write rhymes and letters to different periodicals get publish from various places. By the passage of time his interests gradually boosted up as he used to thoroughly read and observe the literatures which had been inscribed by the legendry personalities in the field of fiction and non-fiction.

970325_486747688064174_628420521_nDad is all a tragedian, who focuses on tragedy and attempts to clarify the complete shape of it in Balochi prose. His short stories enthusiastically contain what a society has around it and unusually represents what creativities are to be containing in it. In realistically in defining him we would not be having enough words. Because he has done a lot in this concern which needs a book to be written in service of him. He has written about each field of literature and his creativities destined the most influential books serving in a great extent. Worldwide literatures are in search of those splendid literatures that are considered the most attractive ones as they assist in acknowledgment of preeminent styles of writing such as how to go through the techniques while creativities nudge the mind to experience a short story, novelette or a novel. Dad tries the same form of technique and its implementation for a sparkling Balochi literature.

Dad is a faultfinder, he has observed the first ever book of criticism, ‘’Botika’’ written by Aristotle and translated it into Balochi.  ‘’Shargadarii, Balochi Shargadarii, is a book compiled or written by him which contains the mottos and individuals observations of international authors in the field of criticism, which is a subject in literature use to find out the faults and make sure the transparency of it keeping the boundaries of limitations in utmost concerns and the thoughts of Baloch authors who toiled first in it to bestow the Balochi literature a perpetual gift. In the same he unsympathetically talks about the above mentioned writers and their thoughts and in conclusions tries to comment on what to be persuaded in accomplishment of a triumph in the field of criticism.

He engraves very heart stirring stories and translucent those in a way that attracts anyone to start thinking ahead what will be the consequences that a story prescribing, he tries to create suspense in his factually ingenuities and often let the readers for further thinking which is known as one of the good assets of a faithful writer. When we get the taste of Balochi literature than we efficaciously come across to many lustrous names such as the very early devoted personalities like Khair Mohammad Nadvi, Syed Zahoor Shah Hashami, Kareem Dashti and many more, who have gleaming glimpses in the history by the utterly efforts that had earned for them such emblematic names. Master Dad’s devotions if get a least glance then it would be a transparent negligent as he efforts for its each subject progress and he has  written many books that undoubtedly be helping the strugglers feel easiness while they go through for a specific task be accomplished.

His books that published are,

 ‘’Dareeg’e Pach Beth’’ ‘’Taharaga’e Wahda’’ ‘’Sheher’e Izm ‘’ ‘’Shaeri’e Safar’’ ‘’Gaap Rawan Kant’’ ‘’ Dila Balahh’en’’ ‘’Kisahi Labzaki’’ ‘’Labzanki Gaalband’’ ‘’Shargadree, Balochi Shargadree’’ ‘’Nyaed BaharGaah’’ and ‘’ Bia’e Labzanki’ ae Sara Gap Janain’’.

The books in procession of publications are,

 ‘’Labz, Sachesht, Manha’’, ‘’Labzanki Gaalband ’’, ‘’Nyaad-e-Bahargah’’, ‘’Komaaraan Bebe’’, ‘’Labzanki Gaalband’’, ‘’Paatantaaken Injeer’’ and ‘’Sangtaani Dewaan’’.

Still the sun emerges for more shines and Balochi literature needs more such efforts from Master Dad in every field of it to allow the readers be acknowledged very methodically. He is a researcher, can search about the vanished materials and compile to recuperate them which are almost on the verge of extinction in some extent.

Master dad’s thoughts connect with the taste of mud and he writes about it in a way that attracts the readers to get a glance at every field of the literature as he embodies itself the whole flavor of Balochi literature.  As being a poet and short story writer the entire imagination of his thoughts sink into it and such sort of loyalty to it is of with utmost concerns and is undoubtedly fantastical. He not only goes through the exactness of literally creativities however he attempts to show the glimpses of it through an opening that is to display the realities in a visual form.

The clarification of the words often declares many delusions and the same sort of ability master Dad has in its connection with the words and literature. Dad is the only person I have found to speak scrupulously and for betterment of the literature. Dad not only teaches or writes about the field of fiction such as the short story, novel and prose, he tries to draws the sketch of the entire Balochi literature whither that is poetry and the very old prose inscribed by the beginners.

Master Dad utterly feels the anguishes of human and invokes them in his wordings to its audience accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the viewing flair of expression. His poetries which contain the most effectiveness form of realism are another chapter of his book which undoubtedly needs a detail observation, too.

He has the excellence how to express the feelings, by way of his natural flow of speech rather than rhythmic structure is, as well noticeable and eye-catching. In conclusion I would like to say he is alike the sun, whose literally glimpses in the field of fiction or non-fiction trying to attain a name that would eternally be lasting in the glinting pages and luminous history of Balochi literature.


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