Psychology of colonialism

By Kifayat Ullah Baloch, Kharan

Kifyat ullah kharanColonialism means the practice by which a powerful country controls another country, especially using force and sends people to live in colonized area and take all affairs including business in the control. Many African and Asian countries were trapped in colonialism and some are still colonized.

Analyzing the defects of this system, some psychologist studied the psychology of colonialism, among them the great revolutionary theories are presented by Frantz Fanon (Al-Jazahir). He was born in Martinique a French colony, in 1925. He got his higher education and gained an opportunity to practice in a hospital as a psychologist. He understood profoundly the struggle against France in 1954, and traced the psychology of colonialism by treating the patients.

Fanon gave his theories about colonialism in his two famous books (Black Skin, White Mask, 1952), (The Wretched of the Earth, 1961). According to Fanon, “Decolonization has always violent phenomenon”. Fanon narrates the psychologies step-wise, and according to him “Establishment crushes and pressurizes the revolt with the help of army, police and armed forces, however, its objects are to stabilize peace and order in colonized area”. But in fact, colonizer crushes to common people’s rights, creates feuds and conflicts, and with the help of power enslaves to locals of colonized area. Resultantly, such heinous acts give birth to rebellion thoughts, depression, discouragement and compulsions.

Fanon says, “Cruel takes the pillar of (religion) to align his brutalities. She uses color and creed variations of the Frantz_Fanongeneration as for distinction and calls the name of God to tranquil the people against injustices”. He shows and expounds that God does not want worldly luxurious lives, and for poor paradise is decorated hereafter. Thus, people live in fool’s paradise.

Fanon tells us that colonizer adopts such language in which they consider local people like beast, animals and uncivilized nation; even they call them devil (Satan). Her objective is to mock them and proof them inhuman.

Fanon tells, “Colonizer adopts psychological tricks and propagates that local people cannot run the country, they come to develop them.” But as a matter of fact, she loots the precious resources, mineral of that country.

Colonizer uses power, violence and greed to reinforce or to strengthen his occupation. Colonial power disguisedly emanates such impressions that she is taking the political and spiritual reforms for colonized territory. Colonizer takes advantages of dissimilarity in caste, tribe, language, religion and culture and tries to ignite battle among them by ground of these variations.

Moreover, colonizer roots out all prevailing norms and imposes its culture, language and religion on colonized area masses and it coerces the local people to adopt those. Then an occupied nation speaks his language, adopts his culture, and wears her dressing and so on. Such sort of mentality according to Fanon is called “Colonial mentality”. Then people forget their history, culture and language. But with the passage of time it will be palpable to local people that they are walking collectively on the way to suicide. If they at once do not ponder on this, then surely they will be vanished-away from the pages of history.

Therefore, it is better to root out and distract offers of cruel and castoff occupant state, but establish own state to get rid of this and it ensues to cross the river of blood and fire. Then occupied state will be the owner of his own fortune. They should walk on dangerous walk path. According to Fanontz, “To achieving a free state the armed struggle is needed most”.

Baloch national structure, Baloch land, resources are ours, but establishment is looting them rapidly by using the colonial system. The 1960’s theories of Fanon are not only deep but lesson for us, too. It is probable that some political workers and philosophers dislike the derived consequences and theories of Fanon, but they cannot explain relationship and feelings between local people and colonizer. Fanon visualized the dream of such state where people love one another; there must not be any conflict or feud. According to him, “It is possible, when local people awaken, and take necessary steps to abolish slavery”. As it is said, “If you want to win a war against your enemy, so be like that; if rival is a beast so be beast”.


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