Restraints on Female-education-reform

“Education-wise, our society is going through a tumultuous change and is totally mired in primitive practices”

By Jameel Jansheer

Whenever It comes to “The female-education reform “ epically the social impediments without any invitation baloch female studentscome forth in a non-participating society like ours, where education either of the both genders male & female seems to have become of predominantly no prominence. Specifically, the concept of women-education is a so far-fetched idea in various parts of our third-world country, irrespective of the cultural, social and financial constraints which are both depriving thousands from education in our country, and in their natural course condemning the country itself far more to a swift state of regression.

There is no denying the fact that ours is a patriarchal society in which women are not equally held in esteem of repatriation to some extent, hence, the women, without bearing “whys and nos”, conform to the restricted social conventions and the imposed atmospheric framework of society. Women, epically, in some backward areas are disproportionately confronted with numerous restraints on getting primary or high-level education, for them, is none other than one possible option, mere stay home and do the domestic chores!

Namely, there are a number of restraints on female-education, primarily, they include domestic and cultural constraints, lack of institutions, early marriages and/or social criticism along with the vitriol against gender discrimination and even though the abnormal as well as changing conditions of our county, predominantly, contribute to psychological disturbances, especially, when it comes to the female sensitivities.

Despite the other factors, there is a huge destitution of support from their elders which is perpetually of the essence in being obliged to take the primary responsibility of their education. Most substantially, support from home for a female individual holds a prominent role in their educational career which is either totally or partially lacking. In actuality, system of educating females needs positive attention of their family members and the government to help strengthen the female education sector, which, currently, is thrown into oblivion and holds a little importance in our so-called milieux.

However, they, under such compulsions, are unable to dice with death to gain access to the provision of education either private or governmental and hence, with no further dubiety, directly comes the reason why our country is getting hampered in terms of educational development. As these lines are written comes another hindrance; in a manner of speaking, one thing is always obstructing the female-education-reform is the regressive irrationality of the point-of-views of our old mindsets with reference to education of any type or manner. Consequently, we don’t come to hold with some of or all of the modern theories on education.

According to the constitution, it is the state’s responsibility to provide free primary education, so did the government launch a nationwide initiative under the statutes of constitution in 1998 with the aim of eradicating illiteracy and providing a basic education to all children. Interestingly, that approach only bore some fruitful results within the metropolitan areas of the state.

But when we have a look at the current picture painted by the reality, reveals the story of the presence of rather some dilapidated not well-regulated governmental institutions either constructed for males or females, therefore, the approach to ‘’eradicating illiteracy’’ in the country remains a failure inasmuch as the illiteracy rate is overtly quadrupling in most of the areas of Balochistan: The country’s largest province in terms of landmass.

Anyways, a personal & self-reliant initiative to realization is mostly needed for a qualitative transformation of our society. Like-wise, Every responsible individual has to concentrate on doing away with the illusionary illegalities in relation to female-education in the interest of formulating a rosy and bright female education sector in ever-nook-and-cranny. It is crucially important to pay more heed on female education system than the male, because “Educating a male means merely educating an individual, but educating a female means educating a potential family”.


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