By Qudrat Mehr Baloch from Kharan

Life in Pakistan is full of perils and accidents; the suffocating environment of Pakistan makes one mentally agonized and troublesome. Furthermore, Pakistan is one of the most human rights devastating country in the world. The dwellers of Pakistan are thoughtless and helpless. They have no option to fallow, because every moment of life, they are facing tear-jerking situations in Pakistan. Actually, life is invaluable gift of devine. Everyone, who is living on the face of earth, is desirous of peace and shelter. Everyone has the privileges to dwell in a peaceful atmosphare, but in Pakistan life seems contemptible, no one feels safe and sound.

In the same way, corruption, which is one of the devastative and perilous thing, but it, has now become the vigorous part of the country. Everywhere, in Pakistan, it is conjointly going on, even it has become the part of public service commission, which was the hope of the nation, people would get jobs through it, but now corruption has been germinated in integral country, from top to bottom all departments are involved. Stretching it further, it is the grave problem of country, everyone comes in authority with his greedy belly, and loots the country, but no one is there to take step against him. Whatever, Mr. Jinnah imagined, but all in vain. He dreamed to have free corrupt country, but as he left this mortal world, his dream was also considered the tremendous waste of time.

Similarly, it also blushes to say that incapable leaders of Pakistan are the extra burden on the shoulder of poor people, even they do not have dare to come on the stage, and still they are the leaders, as once Rehman malik was told to recite the Surah-e-Ikhlas, and he commenced recitation, meanwhile he got stuck. Because they are ineligible to come on stage. Even most of them are ill- knowledged. They are just jeck of all trades but master of none.

On the other hand, unemployment, which is one of the grave problems for Pakistan, day by day increasing. Innumerable people are deprived of the blessings of job. Even they have no bread earners in their houses, and they are compelled to scrounge in front of Masjids. Because they have no any choice, even some of them are dying in state of hunger, some of them are surviving, but under the vicious circle of poverty.

Additionally, it is an irritating problem for Pakistan, which is insurmountable. Although, Pakistan is under developing country, she has no check and balance over this burning issue. In the same way, law and order situation is also one of the burning issue of Pakistan which is mentally torturing the nation. Day time target killing, which shows that there is no any value of law. People are being killed brutally, But there is no law to forbid them. Street crimes are common things, people are being abducted and looted, but no body is there to ask. In addition, the deteriorated situation of  Pakistan is now insufferable nuisance for builders  of the nation. Abduction is also one of intolerable  crime, many waves of voice are being raised to stop the deplorable crimes, which have been now the part of territory. Besides that, people are also facing bewilderments, everyday there is call of strike, which makes the life of citizens perplex, because many shopkeepers are dependent on their shops. They feed their children with the help of shops. If shops remain closed for couple of days then how can they feed their children? It is thinking point, but there is no body who feels poignant for the  nation, because pain can be judged, when one is himself suffering from it, while nation is enduring from it then how the stake holders

 Can realize pain of nation, because they are luxuriating, but here nation is dying from hunger.

Similarly, drown attacks and explosions are common in Pakistan, as in Waziristan, many people are dying on the spot due to drown attacks.

Every part of Pakistan is burning; even no one is safe in his cottage. Pakistani nation is living in the surrounding of terror. If a child goes out of his house, then his parents get plaintive. Whether their piece of heart will come back to home or not. As, few months before a very heart-rending disaster explosion took place near to Degree college Quetta, many people washed their hands from their precious lives, who were selling their commodities, several venders and pedestrian got severely injury, even some of them had gone paralyzed. Many of them were throbbing with pain. This disastrous accident took place in the day of summer, before this people were comatous about this, if they knew a bomblast take place, they even would not go there. Undoubtedly, in Pakistan life has no value, here life is treated as if it had been donkey, even with donkey no one behaves like that.

Moreover, today inflation is touching the sky in Pakistan, day by day the rate of commodities are  increasing, the fluctuation in prices are making  the people sick of their lives, people are being mentally tortured, they are prodigalizing the major share of their amount in purchasing commodities. Besides that, the educational expenditure is also one of the major problem of their children. They have no option, that how to surmount this problem, but in this case government is fail to subsidize the nation and reinvigorate them from this bewilderment.

On the other hand, the tear-jerking and heart-breaking situation of Balochistan is lucid to everyone, before it was the peace of paradise, but now it looks like a grave-yard. The deteriorated situation of Balochistan compels the people to shed. Besides that, the siblings of missing persons are marching towards Islamabad, for the soon recovery of their beloveds. The mothers of missing persons have also participated in this race, even they have no care of their lives and health .If one glimpses over their long march, where mothers are dragging their feet, throbbing with pain, then one’s heart gets burst to see their moaning and groaning for their beloved sons. As, our beloved prophet (PBUH) said that” verily the paradise lies under the feet of mothers” on the other place also beloved prophet (PBUH) said one of the symbols of resurrection, that when” mothers will be degraded then be ready for doomsday”. Undoubtedly, today one can see the situation that how they are being degraded for their beloveds, even they are extending their laps, but still they are disappointed.

Life in Pakistan is full of  danger, no one can survive here, because the suffocating environment of Pakistan is one of the grave problem for the nation, as on the basis of above discussion, it can be said that Pakistan is not sheltered and peaceful country for the builders of the  nation.


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