Some sizzling facts, about the human body

By Aurangzaib Baloch

The human body is an incredible complex and intricate system. As result it should not be any surprise that even body parts and functions we deal with every day having bizarre fact. Here some interesting facts about the human body mentioned.

* Nerve impulses from the brain travel as fast as 170m per hour.

* The brain operates on the same amount of power as 10 watt light ball.

* Our brain uses 20 percentage of the oxygen that enters our blood.

* The brain is more active at night than during the day.

* Scientist say that higher your IQ the more you dream.

* Neurons continue to grow through your life.

* Eighty percent of the brain is water.

* The fastest growing nail is on the middle finger.

* Facial hair grows faster than any other hair on the body.

* The brain itself can’t feel pain.

* The life Spain of a human hair is 3-7 years on average.

* The largest internal organ is the small intestine.

* Human hair is virtually indestructible.

* The human heart creates enough pressure.

* We get a new stomach lining every three to four days.

* The surface area of human lungs is equal to a tennis court.

* Women’s heart beat faster than men’s.

* The aorta is nearly the diameter of a garden hose.

* The adrenal glands change size through life.

* Women blink twice is roughly the size of a soft ball.

* The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and the smaller is

the male sperm.

* Our teeth start growing six months before we are born.

* Babies are born with blues eyes.

* About one third of the human race has 20-20 vision.

* Our nose can remember 500,000 different scents.

* Everyone has a unique smell, expect identical twins.

* Nails hairs don’t grow after we die.

* It takes seventeen muscles to smile.

* Babies are born with 300 bones, but by adulthood the number is reduced

to 206.

* The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

* We are about 1cm taller in the morning than evening.

* Scientists have counted over 500 different liver functions.

* We could remain a large part of our internal organs and survive.

* Sneeze regularly exceeds 100mph.

* Feet’s have 500,000 sweat glands a day.

* During our life, we produce enough saliva.

*Ear wax production is necessary for good ear health.


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