The tale of agonized families of Missing Balochs

By Ghulam Farooq Baloch

The issue of enforced disappearances in Balochistan is worsening on each passing day; it has become the routine baoch mothermatter of security forces. No day passes without abduction of political workers, students and people from different walk of life. The sense of insecurity is prevailing among the people of the province whether they are traveling, going for work or they are in educational institutions and in hospitals.

The enforced disappearance started in the regime of dictator Musharraf, during the PPP regime the bullet riddled bodies of these missing persons started appearing and in the regime of PML-N the discovery of mass graves have begun.

How stern impacts of the incidents will be on the families of the victims! They are suffering from the psychological and psychical trauma.

Many of the victims are the sole bread winner of their family. The disappearance of their loved ones will not be less than a catastrophe for them. They severely stuck into the clutches of disappointment and deprivation. The incidents completely thwart their children’s student life; they could not precede their education; eventually, they have to abandon their educational process along with their siblings.

Most of the families of the victim’s socio economic condition are extremely poor; they do not have any source of income, they are suffering economically and socially, even they don’t have resources to approach the media and judiciary.

They had to work for the fulfillment of their family requirements, a large number of people besides supporting their family they have participated in various demonstration and rallies for the safe recovery of their loved ones. They had fear in their heart that they might be abducted, as well; because several times they were threatened by security forces and asked to put-off all activities which they had been carried-out. Their efforts were confronted by constant life threats. They have seen the decomposed bodies of the disappeared persons and they know how victims are tortured and how they were extra judicially killed in illegal detention cells. The families who are suffering from psychological trauma had to confine themselves to a limited sphere. The aggressive attitude of these agencies suppressed their all fundamental rights, they were unable to walk freely, talk freely or do other activities. The constant fears of enforced disappearance have left a great impact on their every movement of life.

 They are suffering from the psychological trauma, it will become long lasting; the trauma all the time impairs their self, they cannot sleep because of it. It has generated an extreme fear in their heart and mind wherever they go to feel as if they are being chased or picked up. The trauma is so deep which completely isolates them from others, and they cannot express themselves. They have been walking with this trauma and they no longer remember the things; they would feel anxiety, depression and deprivation.

mother_baloch-abductedThe family members will be suffering from psychological trauma after the disappearances of their loved ones, they are waiting  for their kith and kin, they feel profound grievance, then they cannot feel happiness; the people celebrate different occasion’s with zest and zeal but they cannot as others do, for them all the days are insipid. They are waiting and looking every day everywhere to see the glimpse of their loved ones.

This state of uncertainty and fear has frightened every individual of their family they do not know about their loved ones weather they are alive; sometimes they visualize horrible thoughts in their minds that their loved ones may not be distended by barbaric state agencies. Every movement brings them frustration and long lasting pain.

Families of the victims are starving for the safe recovery of their loved ones, but their free movement has been hampered and they have been several times threatened to be forcibly abducted or targeted. Every movement of them is being monitored, so under these circumstances how they can be happy. They are victims, the state has to provide them security but instead of being lenient to them they have been suffering from the crucial hands of the state agencies. State should have felt their pathetic condition rather than harassing them. With every tick of the clock they feel insecurity; this is why none of them have been able to revive their condition. The constant fear and psychological trauma caused by the state agencies have entirely paralyzed their complete life and they are psychologically and psychically not like other people, but they are dying every movement.

It will be the utmost responsibility of the state and its institutions that they should therapy the families of victims psychologically and psychically, so that they will get rid of this long lasting trauma. They are victims state has to give them an excess to their loved ones and has to provide them safety. But unfortunately the provincial and federal government failed to provide them justice.


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