Ukraine: A ground of stretch and strain for US-Russia

By Ahmed Khan

In 1918, the Socialism pragmatically got space on this planet by applying as state system in Russia, since than its1656416_10152244294090280_1278034291_n minus side means capitalism followers determined to eliminate this. As nature’s course, “Power to existence” phenomenon is working among the present epoch people, where polarized world isn’t consented to coexist, even not consented to embrace such system or principles which have duly bestowed relieve to human, mutually.

On one side, the Soviet States of Russia and in opposition European countries vanguard by America are engaged to seize all resources to their side and keep hegemony as politically on entire globe. Presently, the Russia and America got loggerheaded on Ukraine soil and this stretch and strain is in political shape, yet.

The state Ukraine is covering area of 233,062-sqm and making largest country within Europe, entirely. This state is situated in east Europe, bordering with Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest. The country Ukraine is home of 44.6 million people, 77.8% of whom are ethnic Ukrainians, with sizeable minorities of ethnic Russian 17% Belarusians and Romanians. Ukrainians is the official language of Ukraine; its alphabet is Cyrillic, Russian is also widely spoken. The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which has strongly influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature and music. (Wikipedia)

 During the World War-I many empires collapsed; among them were the Russian and Austrian empires. The Russian revolution of 1917 ensued, and a Ukrainian national movement for self- determination reemerged, with heavy socialist and communist influence. Afterward, several Ukrainian states splinted but Soviet Ukraine (the Ukrainian People’s Republic) succeeded to consolidate former Russian Empire. The UPR was inclined to Bolshevik thoughts. At the time, Poland infiltrated in Ukraine by some indigenous elements but failed to access Keiviate the main city, however, it was succeeded to seize an area in west, and soon after this the Ukraine was also recognized as part of Soviet Socialist in March, 1919.

 The Ukraine a founding state became member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic or the Soviet Union in December, 1922. In September, 1939, during World War-II after a skirmish, the divided Ukraine got reunited which was a deceiving event in history of nations. The German army encirclement to a great number of Red- Army in the battle of Kiev, and killed many or made them captive. Although the majority of Ukrainian were fighting alongside the Red-Army, but some elements had created nationalistic organization to counter the Soviet Union and their main base was Galicia. At the same time, an armed nationalist organization apart from them fought alongside Nazi army. War brought devastation in Ukraine, where industry and other fields of production got slumped but Soviet Union supported adequately, about 20% of entire Soviet budget was allocated for rehabilitation of Ukraine which resulted 33.2% rose in workforce and industrial output grew on level of 2.2 times in that same period. In that epoch Soviet Union became leader in industrial production. The army-industry and research centers of Soviet Union were almost in Ukraine and this impacted great influence in Ukraine to elite. As a result, many member of soviet leadership came from Ukraine; the prominent figures, likes scientists, sporting players, educationalist and so on of Soviet Union had brought-up in Ukraine.

Red-Army-Title_WEBThe major nuclear installations of Soviet Union exist in Ukraine. The Chernobyl nuclear explosion incident took place in Ukraine which is known throughout the world due to the worst devastations. After the accident, a report prepared by the International Atomic Energy (IAEA) and World Health organization (WHO) attributed 56 direct deaths to the accident and estimated that there were almost 4000, extra cancer deaths.

On 16 January, 1990, the Ukraine got separated from Soviet Union and formed its parliament in 1991; the conservation of communist party attempted a coup to Mikhail Gorbachev and to restore communist party power. But attempt was failed which left Ukraine an independent state and this was also time of Soviet Union’s disintegration which resulted world into unipolar successively the by-polar.

During the Cold War, the capitalist bloc, especially America designed to besiege the Russia in various aspects; using religious fundamentalism with jihadist, democracy and likewise deceiving opts. After disintegration of Soviet Union, the Russia break-off to combat with America and let her allies to be preyed by capitalists. The America one by one removed those rulers who were supporter of forgone Soviet Union. The slain Suddam Hussaian, Murmar Kadafi death and presently Bashur-ul-Asad and others are in miseries due to close relations with Russia or former Soviet Union. The Russia helped America in destroying its allies, but even couldn’t get contented to her; even US displeasure is mounting with passage of time. The American involvement in Ukraine means to more tighten the grip on neck of Russia. By now Russia has no choice to step-back, otherwise will lose its more territory.

In east Ukraine, the Crimea’s population is Russian origin and they are deeply connected as politically, socially and culturally with Russia. This area people stood against American involvement, in that region Uncle-Sam mounted a fake political upheaval and ill-inspired mob that stormed on presidential palace including other government premises, they rammed and looted valuable as unleashed but west’s media is presenting these events as revolutionary which is totally blind picture of Ukraine’s situations. The Ukrainians led lives in the system of socialism and are not aware of ugly facade of capitalism which is tumbling and it got shape limping-duck which is America and facing financial crises consecutively. And longing for this failed system is great mistake of Ukrainians.

The America by media propagation and political influence wants inclusion of Ukraine in European Union which will distance this state to Russia in fields of trade which will cause deficits for her, too.

If the Russia lets Ukraine to enter in Europe Union, then it will face trade deficit and also will be deprived of a large quantity of wheat which is produced from this neighboring country to her. The defensive agreements of America with Ukraine will provide her a significant base in crux of Russia. The Ukraine is low valued for America because of long distance; but high valued for Russia as situated stone throwing distance and other affiliations are also knotted with her.

The present political hype in Ukraine is due to European Union that they want include Ukraine in their forum, and then in NATO, too; but Russia sturdily opposing it. But it is very time for Russia to maintain its supremacy or least to show its existence by defending the main parts. If Russia lets Ukraine to fell in hands of America and Europe, then she must be ready to detach its other parts, subsequently.

Western media is playing its role as if it is era of Cold War. By opening TV, radio, papers and mass media tools, it seem like sky has fallen on Ukraine. The Russian army entered in those areas where Russian origin people are inhibited, mainly Crimea. Those areas people were totally blacked-out by western media who were even now are protesting in favor of Russia and admonished the America for involvement in their country’s domestic affairs.

American state secretary Mr John Kerry has visited to Ukraine and sought diplomatic resolve of predicament but UKRAINE-UNREST-POLITICS-EU-RUSSIAcouldn’t reach to a point to get melt-down political pressure. The Ukrainian newly setup government by America and Europeans state, official has demanded that Russia should withdraw its army that is stationed in Ukraine but she defied and said that those are Crimean solider and if there’s people entreated to Russia for help, then it will not avert from sending more troops. The Western countries warned Russia for imposing sanctions on it; the European countries will also suffer themselves if they do so, reproached Mr Putin the Russian president.

Ukraine depends on gas transit revenue which is being supplied by Russia to Europe, and in case of sanctions on Russia will totally cut-off the Ukraine from this earning by transit and entire Europe may tumble in energy crises, because Russia provides a sufficient quantity of gas to those countries which will be stopped. If Russia will be expelled from G-8 or imposed sanction on it, certainly she will stop supply of her all resources, and she is capable to subsist on her piled natural resources. The Russia is country that has abundance of natural resources in world and this snowy-bear can survive without depending on any other state.

The objective circumstances substantiated that Russian retreating policy was not subtle. This had smoothed the way of America and its coalitions including NATO get dared to intimidate more and more to Russia and other defying states on the globe, which is utterly required to be break-off and initiating point is Ukraine. Now on the ground of Ukraine stretch and strain launched between American and Russia which is most essential for Red bear to win; otherwise, its entity will be menaced.


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