21th March death anniversary of Martyred Hameed Shaheen Baloch

By Shehzad Baloch 

It was 20th March, 2011, when the news about abduction of comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch was released by his familycomrade sources. He was travelling to Karachi by a passenger coach, and on next day 21th March, 2011, his dead body was found. Approximately after five days a statement appeared in local newspaper local newspapers about comrade Hameed Shaheen, in that an armed organization claimed the comrade was an activist of theirs group.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch edified through forum of Baloch Student Organization (BSO) and owned a progressive mindset. His ideology was Marxism and he was a vigorous worker in society and organization about maxist philosophy. He would see all things in scientific manner and would analyses all on rational basis.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch no doubt was a Baloch nationalist, but he was also a stark humanist. He would believe in pragmatism and he always had harshly criticized on here’s leftist intellectuals for merely drawing room politics and confined till discussions.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch joined the armed struggle against imperialist and its comprador, his mission’s incepting point was Baloch but his vision was too broad and he had visualized dream to liberate all enslaved humans of this globe. He had dreamed that Balochistan is to be a such land that there a glinting system prevail which confer the eye of justice to Baloch including other humans of this planet.

Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch’s the outstanding aptitudes succor him to get a high rank in Baloch Movement. He learnt from his seniors and on scientific, logical and rational grounds taught to common workers the local and international politic, war maneuvers and new invented devices. He was desired to put the movement on the path of democratic principles where gaffes must be mended and for next to be shunned. This process glosses the universe particles to its best essence.

It is enunciated that without loss the aim cannot be gained but it is indispensible that cause of loss must be ascertained and seek the cure of maladies. But here some questions rise in mind that other martyred Baloch’s including Comrade Hameed Shaheen how had fell in the hands of rival and reasons couldn’t provide to martyrs’ family members. The nation and victim families have tolerated grieves of their departed endears but retrieve of this is mandatory for movement in the sake of security to revolutionaries, whom lives are trust of nation and upcoming generations.

The Baloch nation is witnessing an unreasonable debate among fractions of movement which is waste of energies and causing repel to journey of emancipation. Be remembered that Baloch cause has been uplifted by sincere and honest comrade’s sacrifices of lives. The movement needs to establish a section that probe into the matters of martyred Balochs and identify the intriguing elements and theirs mechanism, too. They also establish the institute which keeps check and balance inner affairs of Baloch Movement.

Today objective circumstances are calling for unification among Baloch groups and for systemization that every individual be accountable before the nation. Baloch need leadership by process of social democratic way to communicate with world. Hierarchic system has been farewell by civilized world; therefore, these outdated traditions must be discarded from movement to advance toward the destination of Baloch nation including to real the dream of martyred Hameed Shaheen with other Baloch’s to get an independent and a socialist Balochistan. Where humanity thrives, prosperity, equality, education, love with nature and fragrance environment extract the attention of entire world toward it as being symbolic country and owner of supreme system for mankind. The suppressed people of world take the Baloch Movement and prevailing glinted system of Balochistan as specimen and struggle for human freedom. Comrade Hameed Shaheen Baloch embraced martyrdom with such dreams by disapproving individual and temporal offers by state and craftiness politicians who are wolf in the cover of sheep.


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