A sign of revolution; Martyred Comrade Hakeem Jan Baloch

By Hameed Baloch

Nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give you equality or Justice if you are a man can take1526387_746107065422760_359486834_n them. (Malcolm X 1925, 1965)

Commonly thousands of human takes birth and demises daily wise, but few of them devote their lives for the betterment and providing soothe to other Human beings, hence they remain everlasting in the history of comrades. As like Che Guevara, Baghat Sing, Mao Stung, Ali Sher Baloch, Hameed Shaheen Baloch, Balach Marri and so on. The Comrade Hakeem Jan Baloch was one of among the people who had gone on struggle to bring dawn of justice for human being and Baloch nation.

During the last days of education comrade Hakeem Jan Baloch joined BSO (United) Muthidah, then after some years it named BSO (Azad). Hakeem Jan was a honest activist of BSO (Azad) comrade had been taking part in study circles where sage leaders were making students understand about national and international affairs. Comrade was always in touch with students to guid them about revolution. In 2000, comrade Hakeem Baloch joined Dr Allah Nazar with his vision. A revolutionary has quality that can’t sit without taking part in revolutionary process. With the passion of revolution comrade joined Baloch freedom movement with Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and other field’s comrades and went strait to mountains. Hakeem Baloch was firms and wanted to serve humanity and Baloch nation with his blood as well as was desirous to include his name in pages of revolutionaries’ history.

After 2007, comrade Hakeem Baloch disappeared from surface and no one was aware about his activities. He was much trusty man because of great political vision and wit he had been counted high in file rank of movement and his organization. Comrade was not only providing training to youth but he was a great teacher for Ideological training, too. In organization, he was known by name of (Haji) among and he had great esteem among the comrade as like the blood relations; brother, friend, father and so on.

When the other friends of his fields heard about severance of Hakeem Jan, then they started weeping and sobbing and said, “Our Hakeem Jan was behaving us like brother, friend, and other blood relations. Hakeem Jan martyrdom left us orphan; really we are feeling ourselves as orphan”.

The comrades of fields say that it was Hakeem Jan quality that he never minded Sangat’s (Comrade) bleak questions. Hakeem Jan had devoted his life for gaining the justice for powerless people and freedom of a socialist Balochistan, he embraced martyrdom on same way to bring the dawn of justice and bright feature for Baloch nation.

He was fighting for 14 years in love of his mother-land with great courage. One of his comrade and cousin Kaleem Jan Baloch also embraced martyrdom in the pursuance of same purpose. He was abducted from Quetta by intelligent agencies in 2011, and after missing for approximately one month his mutilated body was found from same city Quetta. There were 28 sign of bullets on his chest and badly was tortured.

Comrade Hakeem Jan was having some great qualities like, talking few words, slowly speaking, and nice behavior with friends. He had a sweet smile while talking. He was a very sincere with his aim of freedom, and (Sangat) was having great respect among his field’s comrades. Hakeem Jan was desirous that his motherland Balochistan to be independent state with system of justice, equality.

As Yousaf Aziz says “A day preset for death, so why we avoid from martyrdom and give-up our cause?”

Comrade did the same and today the history is witnessed about his struggle. March 17, 2014 was a gloomy day that on this day comrade Hakeem Jan Baloch embraced martyrdom in battle field with counter revolutionaries’ forces in Mekuran. After one week his organization claimed for responsibility that Hakeem Jan Baloch was their associated fighter, we pay him a red solute for his unprecedented struggle, and his name will be written in history with golden words.

By the Martyrdom of Hakeem Jan the Baloch nation and entire humanity have lost a valiant and brilliant comrade. Hakeem Jan was on high level of experiences and Knowledge, he could serve better Baloch nation and humanity but life didn’t support him onward.

I don’t care if I fall, as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting. (Che Guevara)


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