An exclusive Interview with Mohd Azeem Kakar (an educationalist) about “Education and youth”

Interviewed By Masood Gul Khetran

Mohd Azeem Kakar did intermediate from Residential College Loralai. He made his graduate from P1050411Crescent College Lahore, and then he got degree of master in political science from Punjab University. He qualifies for federal positions through federal service commission, and recreationally worked at daily “Mashriq Quetta”. Meantime, he wrote more than 170 article pieces which have published in local papers. Mr Azeem Kaker is author of two books; one is about international relations with the title “Ayar Parwar”, whilst second book’s substances are about incidents and personalities “Wakiyat aur Shakhsiyat”, which is collection of his work published in newspapers. He also publishes another booklet contains 600 quotes with title “Popular quotes” Mr. Kaker’s this knowledgeable work is available in market, too.

Mr Azeem Kakar resigns the jobs respectively with ambitious to run an educational institute in Balochistan and concrete a way for Balochistan’s youth to dive in ocean of knowledge and occupy a space in the competitive world.

Mr Azeem Kakar suggests to youth that they earn an identity for themselves instead of being reliant on family dynasty. He also reproves the student’s involvement in politics, and sees fake documentation about education statics in country.  The interview of Mr Kakar is presented here for reader of Bolan Voice.

(Blv stands for Bolan Voice and MAK for Mohd Azeem Kakar)

Blv: What are the aims behind erection of Illmia Institute and when this initiative was taken?

MAK: I am glad to   listen this question and indeed I would like to throw light on this point. Primarily one need to be focused, one need to centralize their energies is an “aim”. Illimia institute was established in Feb, 2009. I with my companions Qaisar Khan from DMG group and Asad Nasir started a program in 2009 with an intention to have quality education in Balochistan. And most importantly the people of Balochistan were not having any access to preparation of competitive exams. In that connection, we have taken a decision. We on our best capability and capacity to facilitate the people of Balochistan in education sector, especially prepare the students for competitive exams. I am glad to say that more than 70 students of Illmia have passed competitive exams and got appointed on various positions.

Blv: Define the word “education”, its philosophy and elaborate its significance in present age?

MAK: Certainly, we have different discussion and on different forums regarding the importance and worth of education in society of Balochistan. I always tried to be conservative regarding spread of education, regarding true promotion of education and in that connection I would like to date the very first attempt in this connection we made initiative that was opening of Illimia institute. And in long run, we too have two different plans to open schools for different community’s levels. But firstly and importantly, I must indicate the importance of education and I must come-up with this idea. It is well said by one of American president Benjamin Franklin, “The education begins with life”. Where your life starts definitely education also starts, so the grooming of mind and the overall attitude and behavior of a citizen starts. Similarly, I have reference of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the chief defense of nations”. You cannot defend your state properly until/unless you are not fully equipped, you have rather more resources regarding education. So, I personally consider it as the reference of Nelson Mandela and opinion of Napoleon Bonaparte, “Education is third eye of human”. I do have the same face; I believe that without spread of education including literacy rate we will be able to come-up to work.

Blv: Are you contented with present authorities of education department, and do you see prevailing educational system in Balochistan up-to-dated?

MAK: Look Masood Gul! The basic things are philosophy and ideology, and the renewed philosopher Plato said, “20 to 30 years to be given for development of skills in any profession”, because that is mandatory and we believe in same school of thoughts. Unfortunately, in Balochistan and Pakistan we have been given fake statics about education. The defect is this, in Balochistan; there are two methodology of education with sharp contrasts, in Madrassas students are taught religious notions, meanwhile in schools worldly subjects are taught. If we come towards the mandarin education and secular education, thence we see a wide gap between both mods of edifications. And question rises that how to fill this gape, the feudal-lords and tribal elements don’t allow us to develop; these are hampered in the way of spreading education, technical education and advancement in life. Presently, our society is facing crises, the only alternative of this is quality education which succors to bring fair representatives on policy making floors and these representatives also are to be accountable before the people.

Blv: To whom you declare responsible for ruin of educational sector in Balochistan?

MAK: We already have discussed that feudal lords and tribal culture is deteriorating to education in Balochistan, they don’t allow us for education because they think that education is great threat for their monopoly; resultantly, they are impeding in the way of spread of education in the province.

In Balochistan, education is based on two tires; on one side students who are being educated at Madrasas and on another side worldly knowledge medium institute (schools) are being run. Furthermore, the gap between these two distinguished medium educated people is widening in practical life with passage of time.

On a one side the people observe each and everything in the perspective of Quran and Hadiths, meanwhile on the other side a folk of people measure the things scientifically and want to deal the life matter logically. In this way, a rift has taken place between these two thoughts. Apart from these the people who are working professionally, they must equip primarily themselves. Secondly, they must have methodology; they understand psychology how to deliver the message to the memory level 1, level 2, of recipient. These are the technical skills, which are rare among the practitioners of education field. Here I have points which I want to highlight that in Balochistan, fake documents are being presented for instance recently it is shown in UNDP survey report that given facilities to children are not proper. If government cannot facilitate, so it is quite shocked position. The survey reports should be accurate and the in Pakistan the rate of literacy must be higher than 30 or 35%, and reflecting to our statics it is 44% but sometimes we take it to 60%, excessively.

Blv: What is current literacy is rate in Balochistan and is government solely responsible for this?

MAK: A realistic approach must be adopted and misconception ought to be dispelled; hence, it is true that state is not responsible for all in aspects. I might not fulfill my responsibilities smoothly, so I am also responsible for degradation of education. The major responsibility comes on those, who are supposed to have exceptional talent, because they are policy-makers. Regrettably, the policy-makers don’t have idea about education’s professionalism and specialization. The education minister and secretary education are to be asked for quality education. I personally know that at Balochistan University which is hub of education field in entire province, where students are failed merely for funds generation, so from this the inclusive performance of government can be guessed, easily. A University, which is affiliated with Higher Education Commission (HEC) condition is this, the all educational institutes and government high level officials are connected with this but they are dormant, so what should we talk about other institutes. They demand for high salaries, they demand rise in percentage, they demand new privileges and incentives but how much they are contributing? Such substances are causing the degradation of education quality in Balochistan. And different sphere of people are responsible for this as equal the government.

Blv: Computer education is utmost need of time because each department is reliant on this new invention, how do you see this modern education?

MAK: Every epoch has its requirements, if you have knowledge about history of Sub-continent, Europe and America that entire state was dependent on agriculture sector. In eighteenth century, an industrial revolution materialized and in order to strengthen the economic muscle, that age of sage said we have to launch industry. You can exist if you are exceled properly in computer literacy, science and technology, and this is the phenomena of 21 century. This is era of modern sciences and technical education. The Europe got a foremost status in world due to innovative policy of education and scientific researches. The modernization and contemporary medium with mechanism are crucial for quality education. On this juncture, technical education and gigantically knowledge of computer are requisition of objective circumstances; therefore, innovative tools of education are to be promoted. In Pervez Musharaf time, this field was worked, jobs and opportunities were created. We discourage Musharraf regime’s malevolent deeds; I feel the measurement is necessary of righteous conducts.

Blv: Is the computer literacy being compulsory for competitive exams?

MAK: It was a time that competitive exams participants strength was low, during 2005 and 2006 the trend wasn’t high and I have rather intensity saying that the CSS candidate’s number was 4000, and today the lapse of five to six years the aspirant number have increased enough and last year the applied students number was higher than mentioned figure which implies the students inclination toward this field. During the period of five to six years students shall be recommended for websites and they are emphasized go to search engines for reliable informative websites and get connected with information technology by computer. It is outspoken that today you cannot compete by old books, thus must compete with new ideas and creativity. The ideas, creativity and innovation how can be developed that you do change your medium, means use the computer and internet. The candidates of competitive exams must facilitate themselves with recommended modern tools.

Blv: How do you feel with student’s involvement in politics?

MAK: The time has gone that a single earns and hundreds eat. We have entered in such age that there is atmosphere of competiveness, and in this environment you must not get students to up-hold flag in their hands, and you cannot make them to read political parties’ manifesto or we are not sitting here to teach the students about freedom movements or its history, likewise political games. Whoever is affiliated with parties or any fraction is collaborating means that is operating tool of political parties and such activities are deleterious for student’s career. Parties are raising various slogans, like religion and nationalism for the sake of interest’s attainment. In Pakistan, some people who have their political games and they raise religious passions at schools, they are trying to cash their benefits and for that reason they have carved dissimilar slogans with sentiments of nationalism and religion. Other pockets also exist, they talk in different ways from discussed groups and they have forth the secular approach but objective is to get their aims. Now we have to get the student realized that they must not be drove in to the politics on unfitting time. Here it is trend that you cannot get room in hostel at university unless you don’t have affiliation with any student organization. Such policies of parties are detrimental for student’s studies and I never support this type of acts.

Blv: Do you have any sketch that be brought a revolution in education sector of Balochistan?

MAK: Platonic theory about education is to be implemented in Balochi-stan, the discussed articulates, the educationalist must be a philosopher to understand the psychology of people and sagaciously make them understand. Mean the knowledgeable, philosophical and sagacious people run the education section of society and build the nation.

The Balochistan’s youth earn high name in educational revolution, and constitution’s articles 62, 63 entails that government authorities must be non-profligate and sagacious, and they must not be corrupt including scandal free, and they must be far-sighted. Only these characterized people can convert the livings into human or civilized people. Regrettably, the people who have been dropped in all departments in the life gets teacher; eventually the question rises that how these failed people can bring a revolution in field of education. It is mandatory that able and brilliant people be brought in education sector, then change will occur.

Blv: How your institute (Illimia) can play a role to bring some changes in the sector of education in urban and rural areas of Balochistan?

MAK: Illmia is non-profiting organization. We never have had any handsome amount from Illmia and in this institute’s brochure it is inscribed that it will introduce programs for poor students. Our preparation programs are very low-cost as compared with other institutes of Quetta and other cities. In Balochistan, it is prevailing system, “One earns and many eat” in such conditions paying of big amount in regard of institute fee is impossible, because how a student can subsist the entire month after payment of a heavy fee. Therefore, education must not be for earning profit and this section of life should be non-profitable. The organizer of an institute must have sentiments, “I will run the organization whether I am in deficit”. It is out-spoken that organizations run only by sprit. If a person opens an institute for earning profit, so certainly its age will be very short and learner of that don’t regard the staff of organization. But ours institute students are identification of this and it is not require of mine to introduce it.

Blv: Would you have scrupulous massage to youth by medium of Bolan Voice?

MAK: Tolstoy would say that meaning of life is to serve humanity, and this can be in many ways; it is not necessary that a person open an educational institute or devote itself in any hospital, a shopkeeper can serve, a trader can serve, restaurant owner also can serve, primarily if he/she has idea of human values and humanism or has philanthropic approach, can serve. I have a reference of Tolstoy, “Every member of society wants to change the world, but don’t change itself”. Mr. Ghandi would say that be the changed you wish to see. In the world, it should be ambitioned that what be in life, and what its ambitions that what he/she be in life, and doesn’t know mean of life, so it is ironical that something based on slacken material. Set your objective, what is mean of life and what you want to be? If goal is not set, so those youth are not worth, even no need to be discussed. This is responsibility of state to manage its resources, manpower including youth’s dynamic that benefit the entire nation.

Youth make themselves productive; the aptitudes are to their identification. It is proverb, “Do good and you will have no need of your ancestors”. We the people of Balochistan generally feel pride that I am the son of the tribal elite, MPA, MNA, the son of secretary and so on are common introductory. Youth must have ambition and they struggle for their goal with great vision.


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