By shams-Ul-Haq

In this world and with our short-lasting lives no one has the idea of the birth of the arts, from where it flourished and how it was during its first and ancient time. And arts and we humans have the relation of the body and soul. Arts flow like blood in every human’s body which again and again touch the heart which is the center of human feelings; the feeling which can make one suffer from a dejected and hapless life and the inverse with one else who experiences the worldly paradise with beautiful and wonderful relations and heart-felt positive thoughts about him/her and the rest of the human race, even further about the perilous and domestic animals, the still plants and whatever he/she feels about. Our lives are driven by feelings which every human being keeps a bounty and limitless deep down the heart and mind.bafcff0d1ef412d14d0e26a5cd1222b3John Jude Palencar_Becoming Human

Arts have such a tilting the balance influence upon our lives that is unimaginable, so what is meant by the arts? Any kind of knowledge or regular subjects which are not related to scientific studies such as language, history, philosophy and other studies are also defined as the arts which are singing, dancing, painting, acting and on and on……… in order to judge the arts and science in your amazing life a question is there and let the true and honest answer reach your own lovely ears. Do you know any famous doctor, engineer or any scientist from anywhere who is still alive? Most of your likable answers are in negative. And the next question is: do you know any famous singer, actor or anyone who is related to arts and still takes the breaths of his part to fight the life and death? Judge it yourself and also let yourself know the true answer of this last question; doesn’t it show that the arts flow in your veins mixed with the red furious blood of yours?

The positive and negative influences of arts drive the society; when every one of us gets together we form a society. And every individual is as important as the head for the body to establish a society either improved or damaged. Like every other thing in the world arts itself is not negative WE MAKE IT NEGATIVE! And art is one huge power which can bring peace as well as the lack of it brings instability in a region. We can have examples, in the societies where arts is valued and done well they have no worry, if compared with the societies where there is no arts if there is, but with no positivism. ‘Arts’ doesn’t only mean to have an obsequious manner towards women, men or anything else. It means to place everything in its place without breaking the natural laws and crossing the social limits. It’s impossible and lunatic to make every human being culturally and artistically alike. Because, we are by grace of natural laws if they are broken it means we have our end. Let everyone swim in his/her own territory. Arts, like every other thing, have positive and personality building characteristics, but only for the sagacious and wise. And there is no room for negativity except in the heart and mind of a failing personality.

Today we can see our society with poor arts or no arts. We have something but we have forgotten it copying others and breaking the natural and cultural rules. Copying other nations is like cutting the lion’s head and fixing it in place of the goat’s head. We have our talents which are not dead, but dormant like the volcano, resting like a virus and sleeping like a valiant and legend human being. Get up and be lost in thoughts rather naming everything with IT’S JUST…..And every one waiting for your talent. Clap for others but show what you have got. Don’t hate others but love what you have! And always keep in mind you have got something which other people haven’t. You are born with something try to recognize that. That is what you like to do just do it unless you are doing something dangerous, unhealthy and destructive which causes damage to you or others take pride in your dreams and passions and just GIVE IT A THOUGHTFUL GO!

And arts are the knowledge and revealing experiences of every human being since the beginning of human race. All of them are gathered in arts. So, let’s have a dive in the full flowing of arts to live the past at the same time we live the present. Let’s not just listen to the story, LET’S LIVE THE STORY!


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