BHRO protests against operations in Balochistan

By Salahuddin Baloch

The Baloch human rights organization conducted a demonstration in front of Quetta press club. In demonstration different walks of life people actively participated.

The demonstrators were holding place-cards, banners, emblazoned with demands strongly to end the ongoing military387231_458439310899059_2108225317_n operations in Baloch predominant areas.

The protestors while addressing to gathering strongly denounce the acts of violence in Mashkay, Dera Bugti, Turbat and other parts of Balochistan. They said that the state forces have burnt the houses of innocent Baloch’s in Mashky and also taken away their livestock along with valuables. It is proved from this act of violence that the state elements are obdurate to catalyze the ongoing genocide of Baloch nation to get vanished-away this nation from Balochistan.

The dissenters addressed that the state elements have arrested Baloch youths from predominant Baloch areas and enforcedly disappeared them. Thousands of Baloch have been viciously tortured by state elements. The state elements have abruptly sacrilege the bulwark and trampling culture codes of Baloch by victimizing Baloch children’s along with women. Speakers blamed.

The state elements have committed to prolong their military operation vehemently to suppress the Baloch nation. As it’s clear from the recent act of violence in Turbat near Shapok and Kalatuk, where state elements barged in to houses and misbehaved with Baloch women’s and persecuted to them. They accused.

The protestors addressed that the dormancy of United Nation and international community has raised perplexity in Baloch’s mind by adoption of criminal silence. The participants while addressing the media emphasized that the United Nation would not be considered a human right defender until it takes serious measures to establish peace and stability for oppressed nations of the world. Because every human being is rightful to express but the right of Baloch nation have been sullied since its enforced annexation with the state. While the defenders of humanity have turned their face over this critical issue of Baloch nation and they have become unsuccessful to sort out Baloch issue. It is pathetic for the international community as the sate elements are shedding blood of Baloch nation as it is equal to the murder of entire humanity. The speakers notified.

We urge the international community, United Nation, human right organizations to take immediate steps to encounter the act of Baloch genocide and ongoing military operations against Baloch. The speakers plead in their speeches.


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