Dr. Malik invites Baloch militant groups for negotiations

Bolan Voice report

The Chef Minister Balochistan Dr. Malik Baloch while talking with express TV said that Balochistan is facing problems such as extremism and terrorism. He also invited the Baloch insurgents for peaceful negotiations.

Dr Malik further said that the Baloch insurgents within the perimeter Pakistani constitution can commence dialogues process. Since we have taken the charge of the provincial government the ratio of tortured bodies’ and abduction of civilianscm-balochistan-himself-supervising-distribution-of-items-in-awaran has abated to a great extent.

Dr. Malik claimed that the acceleration of Hazara’s killing has also controlled by our government. While in Panjgoor and Turbat we are trying to control the situations to best of our potential. He further said that Hairbayair Marri is the master mind of BLA. While talking about the enforcedly disappeared missing persons must be recovered.

Dr. Malik is optimistic to provide quality education and sustainable economy for Balochistan. While addressing on the floor of Balochistan Assembly, on the point of order said that we are trying our level best to empower levies force by equipping them with modern weapons. Due to limited source levies force is not capable to encounter the lapse of security in the province, but we are firm to control the burning situations in Balochistan. Dr. Malik admitted that in my home town Turbat the levies troops have withdrawal guns in spite of being firmed on their task as he augmented that we are trying to sort-out this issue by empowering levies with modern weapons according to the requirements of 21st century.


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