Human rights abuses in Baluchistan

Preceding insufficient years have perceived numerous distress and discomfort among the Baloch people residing in Pakistan, Balochis-tan; the most valued and rich province, has had to overwhelm with the bullet pierced bodies of the political activists, journalists, students to make it all. True, since the inception of the Pakistan till that date Baluchistan has been the victim of human rights violence and abusing the human values are committed. Despite being aware of the wide spread human rights violations and the international community media and other (HRO) Human rights organizations kept silent, on the inhuman actions acted by state organizations.bhro

in the other words, the human rights organization have been whirling a blind eye to the activities of discords and thousands of Baloch nationalists have been assassinated from their homes, even the situation is getting worse and the human massacre, getting new name in the violations of human rights in Baluchistan. According to Dr.Allah, Nazar (Baloch nationalist leader) that Baloch have reached to the point of no return, whereby they only see one of the chapters, that’s freedom of Baluchistan for which Baloch nationalist are struggling.

On the other angle of story, Balochistan is the largest resource owing province of Pakistan on which Pakistan, relies on and number of these resources are utilized from Baloch land. On the other side the state has taken different measure to console Baloch people not to talk about emancipation by providing different packages. However, that has failed as receiving dead bodies of their loved ones one side, secondly being facilitated with so called packages has not healed the pain.

There seems no prospect of the solution of Baloch issue except emancipation.



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