Jam Durruk, the leading poet of semi-classical Balochi poetry

By Aman Yousuf

Balochi has brought quite a bit expedient offspring into being who have been serving their mother, Balochi, through ages and Balochi has rewarded them for their attendance by making them ever alive in the golden pages of Baloch history. Among those immortal offspring a shining name is Jam Durruk, the leading poet of semi-classical Balochi poetry.

The materials available about Jam Durruk, which includes Longworth Dames’ book “popular poetry of Baloches” , another book by Kamil ul Qadri titled “ Jam Durruk “ , a collection of Jam’s poetry titled “Durchain”, which was compiled by Bashir Baloch and some articles by different writers, claim that Jam Durruk was born in 18th century, belonging to famous tribe of Dombki.

His father’s name was Karam Khan, famous as Karmmo. The place where Jam Durruk’s parents belong to was “Lahdi”; however, he spent most part of his life in Kalat and Dhadar. Where Jam was born no facilities for education were available and in such a place Jam’s mental disposition awakened and a thirst for knowledge developed in him.

When Jam grew young, he started composing poetry. Here it is noteworthy that Kala was being ruled by Naseer Khan Noori those days and he had a great respect of scholars, poets and other artists. Thus, jam’s heart-touching poetry paved his way to khan’s court.

Though jam was the poet of Khan’s court, he never composed any laudatory poem (Qaseeda) for Khan. Jam’s poetry is according to public temper, full of sympathy and hope; however, he is known as romantic poet whose poetry is all about his beloved, about whom, Longworth Dames mentions that Jam’s beloved was from Khan’s court and Jam tolerated physical punishment for his beloved.

Furthermore, what is more interesting about Jam’s poetry is his usage of both famous dialects of Balochi (Makrani and Rakshani dialects). Besides composing poetry for beloved, he also turned some famous love stories into poetical form, for instance, the famous love stories of Shereen Farhad, Laila Majnoon, Shereen Dosteen and Bebagar Grahnaaz. Besides this, he has brought some ethical stories from Persian into Balochi such as the story of Hazrat Eisa and Barri Faqeer.

About Jam Durruk death these is no confirmed date; however, it is said Jam’s death was separation of his beloved. No doubt, Jam remains pioneer and leading poet of semi-classical Balochi poetry and his great poetry makes him animate till a Baloch speaks Balochi.


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  1. Really touching. Hope to see more certain types of articles.

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