Love in the mid of terrorism

By Salam Buledi

An altruist and revolutionary poet Habib Jalib says “mohabbat golihon se boh rahe oh, zameen ka moohn kohn se doh rahe” means you are sowing the seeds of love with bloody bullets, you are serving me with stray bullets, in return you earn love. You are rinsing the face of my pious land with the blood of clean-handed innocents.

In 1914, a man of Sarajevo shot dead Archduke Ferdinand and his wife which started the First World War. In 1945, the United States of America launched nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing instantly more than two lac Japanese civilians, for it a term was coined (holocaust) that ended the Second World War.

In September 11, 2001, nineteen Middle Eastern terrorist hijacked four American passenger jets and used the planes as guided missile to attack symbolic targets on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Two planes slammed into the world trade center towers in New York City, causing both towers to collapse. A third plane crashed into the pentagon, near Washington D.C., and the one went down in the Pennsylvania countryside when passengers resisted the hijackers. The devastating series of attacks killed some 3,000 Americans.

As we go through history; we find uncountable examples of terrorism act by many states against dominated states and provinces. The same terrorism act took place in hands of Pakistan; in May 28, 1998 the devastating nuclear test in Chagi Balochistan changed the total infrastructure of Chagi, changed mountains into ashes; killed thousands of innocent people, surface water got mixed up with venomous chemicals used in and changed its color due to uncontrolled radioactivity 90%, cattle and wild life died. Still we are facing miscarriages, birth of abnormal children and high rate of cancers. Still no positive measures have been taken from Pakistan government to clear and combat the bloody nuclear rays.

These all become in chapter of terrorism; especially, rest of Muslim countries are directly or indirectly in the suicide jacket of terrorism, no one knows where and when these jackets will burst and become the cause of many innocent’s unwanted deaths. Not only the rest of Muslim countries are affected with this bloody terrorism but the rest of world is shackled with the prevalent, formidable and virulent terrorism.

The ambit of recent Malaysian passenger jet maybe, in the hands of terrorists or possibly it has been somewhere hijacked and the sinless passengers have been victim of their drastic heinous annihilation.

Still our government is bombed to thwart terrorism in country; policy makers are counterproductive and barren for agreeable armistices and intelligence agencies (ISI)  inter-service intelligence, (IB) intelligence Bureau, (MI) military Intelligence, (AI) air intelligence, (NI) naval intelligence, (FIA) federal investigation agency, Army and FC personals are in a deep slumber and sloth, or are busy only in Balochistan to combat the Baloch separatist movements (which only claim for a free state, especially, demand for equal rights of Balochistan as other provinces have; or resist any kind of injustice, or fight for their positive egos and equal rights). 

Taliban, who are the killer of 70,000 clean handed Pakistani and of uncountable security personals. And forcing government for imposition of Sharia (islamicization in Pakistan constitution and laws), which is impossible in this modern era and developing society of Pakistan. More than 18 times it has been seen on the screens of all Pakistani news channels, that government is going to have an agreement and armistice with Taliban of Pakistan to stop terrorism and bloodbath in Pak-land. Taliban order for massacre of “shia brethren” and claim them of being heretics.

It is time for Intelligence agencies to wake up from 10 year’s deep slumber and sloth and it is time for them to come out of Balochistan and secure “federation, capital of Pakistan to get it rid of insecurity. It is time for them to tackle with Taliban and their offshoots like EHRAR E HIND, rather than unreasonable operations in Balochistan and genocide of Baloch nation. It is time to combat those, who don’t want “Musharraf” to be before court and investigate against him, who did suicide blasts and explosions in capital to interpret the sense of terrorism to create more hurdle for “Musharaf” to be presented in court. Our judges have failed to drag Musharaf in Supreme Court to satisfy the demand of masses and especially of Taliban, in the reaction of government’s calmness and hopelessness. The unrest situations has given birth, too many paradoxical questions and forced Taliban to run amok.

Contemplatives have ascribed that government of state is directly or indirectly involved in such dirty great terrorism acts. Attacks of bloody gang war in Lyari Karachi on civilian are inclined by top political parties of Pakistan. I ardently say, these political parties arbitrarily use and favor these gangs and provide them new weapons, gun machineries, rocket launchers and bundle of dollars.

Love and education are the only swords by which you can fight the terrorism. Why Pakistan is called the mother of terrorism by international countries and human rights commission. Due to lack of love, humanity and education Pakistan is served with such names, such as, a terrorist country.

According to a recent international survey; 7.5 million Pakistani children are out of school and the suicide bombers are those children who are out of schools, who can easily be brain washed by some extremist groups. After a heavy brainwash these illiterate children accept to blow themselves out in the name of Allah and in the greed of Jinnah. The more we educate the nation, the more we see terrorism far. We need education and love in the mid of terrorism.


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