NP and PKMAP education policy and proscribing of books

By Ahmed Khan

In month of January, 2014, the state forces in Turbat raided Attashad college hostel and arrested some students, andbook their guilt was this they had books about history, poetry and Marxism. It is stunning that resembled to these mentioned books or same versions are available at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad’s bookstalls and all cities including college and universities, apart from this the literary peoples keep similar   books in their private libraries but they are exempted by this state, only Baloch are not allowed to read or keep Knowledgeable books with them.

In Awaran and other parts of Baloch area some gauche practices were perpetrated by forces, in the ruling time of such government in Balochis-tan which claims for being knowledge friendly and loving education. The ruling parties in province, the National Party and Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party claim for being progressive and broad vision as against the facts.

National Party (NP) has programs to educate the Baloch Nation and make them sensible in all spheres of life as the parallel politically. The Party leaders merely visited examination centers to appear in media and receive admirations, but reality is this they couldn’t provide any facility to education sector practitioners.

Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party ostensibly brags for education but denies knowledge which bestows human sense of humanity. The said party for gain of funds and to appease the establishment, leads fake education campaigns for non-factual education which stupefies to mankind due to biased and distorted history, but currently this party is enjoying in government, so doesn’t speak in that way as it would speak in nearer past. This party is also frightened if it voice for righteous they may not be deprived of incentives, ministries and high positions in the provinces. PKMAP has adopted compromising policy about knowledge and education including other departments.

The student group of National Party has motto “Elim-o-Zant”  “knowledge and awareness” but  knowledge providing institutes and education spreading  organizations have been invaded, the process of knowledge suspended but no resist was observed by them, even verbal statement have not been seen by NP and its student organization. Amazingly, what Kind of “Knowledge and awareness” they want and are practicing!

On 6th April, 2014, the forces raided a book vending point, where they had ceased literature including a book “Wahey Watan Hushkein Dar” of Brigadier Majeed, residing in gulf. When Mr Majeed was interviewed by BBC regarding book, so he informed that his book’s contents contain history material but it has no substance that represents anything unreal against state.

The National Party (NP) and Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) are ruling in the province and both are progressive and knowledge loving parties, but they are looking helpless and voiceless against seizure of books.

They can demonstrate and can bring minor Children on roads merely show-off for being education loving, meantime they have turned their faces when books and institutes have got closed. The said parties pocket students organizations also turned silent about strangulation of education providing institutes and seizure of books. How these politicians and parties will bring-up their nation as prudent and educated who are frightened from books. Or they are assumed that they use word ‘education’ for making slave people as mentally.


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